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Before You Play Craps . . .

  Craps Etiquette 

Of all the games to play in a casino, craps probably has the most quirks of them all. Generally, the group of people who play craps are an extremely superstitious lot and, in my opinion, are not the most patient people in the world! With that in mind, I figured it would be best to have a small etiquette guide on this site to help beginners understand what they should and should not do at a craps table.

Know the Rules

It's best to know the rules before playing craps.  With that in mind, don't go to a crowded table with hardened craps players and expect the dealers to have time to help you learn the game. Many casinos have "learning/training" sessions at various times of the day to help beginners understand the game. Also, if a table is very empty, that usually can make for an easier environment to learn from a dealer or fellow player. Of course, using this site to understand the game of craps never hurt either!

At all casino table games, the rules of etiquette are pretty simple.  Treat the dealers and other players with respect and avoid being loud, pushy or belligerent.  If you get into a disagreement with a dealer, stay calm and be gracious even if the dealer really is wrong.  It does not make sense to win an argument over a single payoff and create an enemy for life.  Whatever the problem is, you don't want to be cast as the bad guy - by the casino employees or by  other players.

Here are some specific tips that apply to the craps game.

1. Shoot the dice correctly.  The dice should be rolled so that both bounce off the end of the table opposite the shooter.  The dice should not loft or slide.  Many first time shooters have weak throws that only roll half way down the table.  The stickman will tolerate a weak throw or two while a new shooter learns to throw the dice. However, if you persist in weak throws or in lofting the dice, the roll may have to be disregarded much your embarrassment.

2. When you have the dice, hold them in one hand kept over the dice layout.  The dice should not be switched from hand to hand and your hand holding the dice should remain in view.  This helps the craps crew ascertain that you are not a dice mechanic.

3. Do not spend a lot of time setting the dice or engaging in a lengthy, elaborate ritual before throwing.  Both players and the casino crew expect you to throw the dice within two or three seconds of receiving them.  If you want the dice set a certain way, ask the stickman to return them to you, showing boxcars, snake eyes or however else you prefer them to be.

4. Make sure you have the dealer's attention before tossing out chips for a bet.  You also need to be aware of the flow of the game and not try to bet at inappropriate times.  If the dice are in the air, for instance, your bet will not be accepted. 

5. Watch your own bets at all times.  Line bets are  easy to track as you handle the bets yourself and place them directly in front of you. Place bets, however, are handled by the dealer.  You should watch to see where the dealer places your bets so that you are always aware of them.   Dealers do their best to track bets at crowded tables, but it is also the player's responsibility to know what he has bet.

6. Watch your hands when the shooter is throwing the dice.  Unless you are shooting, do not hold your hands over the table.  If you are shooting the dice and someone's hands are in the way, don't be afraid to call out "Hands up" before tossing the dice.

7. Don't force your way into a crowded table.  It there isn't room for you to put your chips in a separate section of the table, perhaps you don't belong there.

8. When you first buy in at a table, never try to hand your cash to the dealer.  Wait until the dealer is unoccupied and lay your cash on the table requesting, "Chips only."  If you want a particular mix of chips, just tell the dealer.  When I buy in for $1,000, I usually specify, "Give me six hundred in blacks, three hundred in greens and one hundred in reds, please."

9. Don't slow down the game by constantly asking the dealer basic questions about how the game is played or how bets are made. There are hundreds of books on how to play craps including this one.  You should learn the correct payoffs for the bets you will be making.

10. If one of the dice flies off the table and it lands on the floor next to you, you may retrieve it and hand it to the dealer.  Otherwise, you will never touch the dice unless you are shooting.

11. Try to be discrete about your wins and losses.  No one really cares to know how much you are willing, and it doesn't do you any good to advertise that you are a consistent winner.

12. While playing, conduct yourself courteously at all times.  If you drink, refrain from overdoing it and never get drunk.  You will need to stay alert to correctly make the wagers required by the strategy you are using, and contrary to the opinion of some drunks, alcohol does not make you think clearer.

13. Toke the dealers.  Dealers call tips "tokes" as in a token of appreciation. Many players don't realize that dealers are not paid much more than minimum wage.  Craps dealers try very hard to please the public. Most dealers want the players to win and have a good time.  They know that if the players enjoy themselves and win, they will get toked.  I always toke the dealers.  If I win more I will toke them more, but even if I lose, I will make several bets for the craps crew.  This is not only the right thing to do but will pay you off in spades if you do it consistently. Even floor personnel know who the tippers are, and my experience has been that if you tip, you will be more than repaid by hard working dealers, who will watch out for your bets and by casino complementaries, controlled by and large by pit personnel who rate your play.


Learn a Winning Strategy

The best way to enjoy the game of craps is to learn a winning strategy.  There is no substitute for playing and winning. 

Recently, a friend's son was going to Las Vegas for the first time.  Paul asked me to teach him an easy strategy that he could use on a three-day trip.  While I know dozens of successful gambling strategies, only one fit the bill for Paul's use.

  • It had to be easy-to-learn.

  • It had to be a method that required almost no money (he had only $150 available for gambling)

  • And, it had to be so reliable that a person knowing nothing about craps or casinos could walk into the overwhelming casino experience, apply the system and bring back real profits.

I taught Paul how to use the Mini-Max Craps System on a Sunday afternoon.

He came by my house and we played craps in my gaming room for a couple of hours.  That was it.  The sum total of Paul's exposure to craps and this extraordinary system was the time he spent with me.

How did he do?  He played two or three hours a day for three days.  And he made $2,459. 

Now, I realize that this is not a lot of money.  But Paul started with only $150.  If he had only used $300 as his "seed money," his winnings would have been much higher.   

Paul was successful because this Mini-Max Craps Strategy uses simple, but deadly, methods to calmly and effectively take profits from the casino in a quiet and overpowering way.

You may want to try this strategy yourself.  You can try it "Risk-Free" with my FULL 100% GUARANTEE. 

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