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Why Play Craps?

Craps is of American origin.  Some time after 1800 around New Orleans, the American Blacks begin playing a version of the game, no doubt adapted from the English game Hazard, which the French sometimes called craps.

The New Orleans version of craps moved up the Mississippi on the nineteenth century river boats.  By about 1890, the game began appearing in the form of bank craps in some American casinos.  The big casino game at this time was Faro, and craps did not become really popular until World War II after thousands of GIs learned backroom craps or street craps.

The great Chicago fire of 1891 might have been started because of a craps game.   The usual story of the origin of the fire was that Mrs. O'Leary was milking her cow when the cow kicked over a lantern and started the fire.  During the trial, Mrs. O'Leary stated that she was not in the barn when the fire broke out.  In 1944 Louis Cohn told of the true origin of the fire.  He was winning a craps game in the barn and got so excited that he kicked over the lantern.

However, the reason you should learn this game is that you can win a fortune playing craps.  Read more about it here -

Four Craps Secrets

Did you know you can stop a craps game in process?  Here's why you might want to do this!


Craps From the Dark Side

Most craps players bet that the shooters are going to make their points.  Yet a number of pros advocate just the opposite - bet against the shooter.

Nick the Greek was an inveterate player on the dark side.  Could these pros be onto something you should know?  Read more about it here.

Before You Play Craps

Of all the games to play in a casino, craps probably has the most quirks of them all. Generally, the group of people who play craps are an extremely superstitious lot and, in my opinion, are not the most patient people in the world! With that in mind, I figured it would be best to have a small etiquette guide on this site to help beginners understand what they should and should not do at a craps table.  Craps Guide

Watch Your Own Craps Bets!

Many players rely on the dealers to keep track of their bets.  Here's why that might not be a good idea.

The Five-Minute Craps Strategy

Would you like a quick way to win the price of a meal for two in about five minutes?

Try this strategy!

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