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The Five-Minute Craps Strategy

Want to learn one of the smartest bets in the casino in the next five minutes?  I am not kidding.  In the time it takes to read this report, you can learn to make a bet that beats nearly every other wager available in a casino. 

Ready?  Here's what you'll do -

You are about to learn to make a "Place Bet" to win on a 6.  In a nutshell, this is how it works -

1. Walk up to a craps table and place $6 worth of chips on the layout and tell the dealer you want to "place the six."

2. Now, if the six shows on any dice roll before the 7, you win $7 (a 7 to 6 payoff)

3. If the shooter rolls a 7 before the 6, you lose your $6 bet.  Any other number rolled has no effect on your wager.

4. Your wager does not normally "work" on a shooter's come out roll(s), when he is trying to establish a point. 

Thus, a 7 rolled then will not cause the loss of your bet, nor will a 6 rolled give you a win.

That's it.  You now know how to make one of the best bets in the house.  The house edge on this bet is a paltry 1.5%.  In other words, you'll get a 98.5% chance of winning this wager.  When was the last time you played on a slot machine that returned 98.5%?

If you are unfamiliar with craps, let me give you some pointers.

Craps Etiquette.  If you already have casino chips in hand you can just walk up to the table, wait till the shooter throws the dice and then place your chips on the table for your wager.  If you don't have any casino chips, wait until the shooter has thrown the dice and place your cash on the layout in front on you, get the dealer's attention, and tell him "chips please."  He will give your cash to the boxman (seated at the center of the table) who will count it.  The dealer will then give you chips.  Place the chips in the rail in front of you.  Be sure to watch your hands when reaching for your chips as it is considered very bad etiquette for your hand to touch the dice in mid air or on the table.  Other players believe this brings bad luck (I am not kidding - just let the dice bounce off your hand one time and listen to the groans from the other players.)

Making the Bet.  Look at the craps layout.  Forget all the confusing labels.  Just look for the large betting area marked "Come."  Now after the dice have settled and the dealer has paid off winning bets and removed losing ones, place your $6 on the table in the come area and tell the dealer to "place the six."  The dealer will pick up the chips and position them within the Six Point Box at the top of the layout.  If other players are also betting the six, don't worry.  The dealer will position your bet so that he knows which wager is yours.

Your Bet's Outcome.  Now that your bet is up, all you have to do is wait for it to win or lose. It might take a few rolls before either a six shows which gives you a win, or a 7 is rolled, which will cause you to lose your bet. 

A Winning Wager.  If your bet wins, it is okay to give out a yell - because you just won!  The dealer will pay off other players in turn and when it is your turn will place your $7 of  winning chips either in the come box or in front of you at the side of the table.  He may ask "Same bet?"  If you want to keep the same bet up just say "Same bet."  If you feel like you would like to remove your bet and sit on your $7 profit, tell him "Take my bet down."  In the event you feel very lucky you may want to double your bet.  In this case, just tell the dealer, "Press my bet."  If you do, the dealer will only return $1 of your winnings and will place $6 of your winnings with your original bet, bringing it up to $12.  Now if the wager wins, you will win $14.

Flexibility. Please note that some craps bets (most notably pass line and come bets) can't be removed once they have been made.  However, you have ultimate flexibility with your place bet.  You can tell the dealer to "Take down my bet on the 6" any time and he will return your bet to you.

Come out rolls. Place bets always work on every roll except come out rolls unless you call them off or have the dealer take them down.  However, they are automatically "Off" on come out rolls.  You can recognize a come out roll as no point has been established, and the shooter is trying to roll a point number.  Non point numbers are 2, 3, 7, 11 and 12 and anytime the dealer rolls one of these numbers, no point will be established and your place bet on the 6 will not be affected.  Once the shooter has rolled a 4, 5, 6, 8, 9 or 10 (a point number) your bet will be working until it loses or you take it down.  Just a reminder - The dealer will not take down a winning place bet unless you tell him to.  So, if you want to walk up and play for one win, be sure to remember to tell the dealer to take your bet down after you win. 

Okay, your five minutes are up.  You can now make one of the smartest bets in the casino.

Whenever you are ready for a full fledged winning craps strategy, I have one waiting for you.  The "Automatic Craps Strategy" is one of the easiest and safest winning craps systems I have ever used.

In fact, my wife Diane even likes this system.  Last year  during the Christmas holidays she used this strategy to pick up a cool $9,839 in profits playing craps online. 

I don't know if you will do as well.  However, I will tell you that this strategy is very, very safe and wins a high percentage of the time.

And, it is easy enough to use that, even if you don't know beans about craps, you can learn it very quickly. 

If you would like to learn more about it, just follow this Link.


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