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Developed for Three Card Poker, the Power Poker Strategy Provides Steady Predictable Hourly Winnings With Frequent Jackpot Like Wins of $5,000 an Hour or More

Three Card Poker is sweeping the nation.  You will see this popular table game in just about every casino these days and for good reason.   It is a fun, fast game with good odds and a relatively low house advantage.

Here are some examples of what you can expect when you use this strategy – 

You will be able to play and win in any of hundreds of online casinos offering this game.  We have played thousands of documented games which prove that you can pull in $279 in pure profits in less than ten minutes playing online.

You can use this strategy to make playing poker your primary business.  And, unlike other poker players, you will have a steady income of at least $5,000 to $10,000 every week!

If you like playing in land-based casinos, you will love this strategy.  Five-dollar bettors using this strategy are averaging $751 an hour in pure profits! (Documented winnings.)

As a Power Poker Player you will experience steady, reliable hourly winnings with frequent jackpot like wins of $2,500 to $5,000.

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About Three Card Poker

Have you ever wondered how to play Three Card Poker (sometimes called Tri-Card Poker) or which Three Card Poker strategy works the best? You see this popular table game in just about every casino these days and for good reason. It is a fun, fast game with good odds and a relatively low house advantage. Couple that with the fact that the Three Card Poker rules are easy to learn and you can easily see why it has become one of the most successful table games in recent years. So successful in fact that there is now a Three Card Poker Tournament played every year with a grand prize worth $500,000.

Besides all of this, the number one reason to learn this game is that you can make a fortune playing it with our Power Poker Strategy.

Discover Why You Must Learn This Exciting and Profitable Game!

Three Card Poker Hand Rankings

Here are the hand rankings for Three Card Poker.

How to Play Three Card Poker

The game of Three Card Poker is played between a Dealer and a Player with a 52-card deck. Tri-Card Poker is two games consisting of the Ante/Play and Pair Plus.

The object in the Ante and Play (raise) portion is to receive a higher 3-card poker hand than the Dealer. T

he object of the Pair Plus game is simply to bet on whether you will receive a 3-card poker hand with any pair or better.

The Player may bet on either or both games for any amount within the posted table limit. The bets do not have to be equal amounts.

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