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Setting Up Your Account In An Online Casino

We have finished with the preliminaries.  You now know a considerable amount about how to find an Internet casino.  Your basic strategy is to find a reliable e-casino with a reasonable bonus and then complete the steps to sign up with the virtual casino and begin play.  I still have not talked about the games you will play, the playing strategies you will use, how you will know when to quit, money management, record keeping, or how to set up playing the Internet casinos as your virtual business should you be so inclined. 

Let's assume that you have this information in hand and are ready to sign up and start playing at an e-casino of your choice.  You must first have access to a computer with the ability to connect to the Internet.  If you are concerned about the price of acquiring a computer, you may decide to buy a used computer.  If you buy a preowned computer equipped with at least a  Pentium II microprocessor and a modem capable of Internet access at 56K, you will be fine.  You should also try to get a hard drive of at least 5 gigabytes capacity, although you can get by with 2 gigabytes.  My favorite computer repair shop also sells new and used computers, and I regularly see computers meeting this description selling for about $300 without the monitor.  For another $85 you can get a used Super VGA 15" monitor, bringing your total equipment cost up to less than $400.

If you are a computer novice and have not yet learned to use a computer, I urge you to acquire a computer now.  There are many ways you can learn computer basics, and you should be able to maneuver on the Internet within a few days of setting up your system.

You will also need access to the Internet.  There are two basic types of Internet Services Providers (ISPs) - dial up ISPs, which require that you configure your computer to use their service, and full service Internet providers such as America Online.  If you are a computer novice and don't want much aggravation in getting access to the Internet, I recommend an AOL account.  You will have to install the AOL software, usually from a CD, but the process is easy and AOL's instructions will walk you through every step. 

The biggest problem you will have with AOL is slow access at peak load times and the constant clutter of ads appearing when you first log on.  These are minor inconveniences if you want an easy, reliable way to get online.

After getting your Internet access set up, you will need a credit card, a checking account, and an e-mail address before you begin playing against an online casino.  Your ISP or full service provider will provide you an e-mail account.  If you prefer, you can sign up for a free e-mail account.  I have had good results with both Hotmail's ( and Bigfoot's ( free e-mail accounts.

Many online casinos offer other options besides using your credit card to make a deposit.  Most virtual casinos will accept personal checks, money orders, bank wire transfers, or Western Union cash transfers.  Many e-casinos offer additional bonuses if you wire or use Western Union to make your deposit, and you may want to consider these options after you have established a relationship with an e-casino.  However, I always use a credit card or a debit card for my initial deposit because I have additional protection in case of fraud. 

If you feel that you have been defrauded by an online casino and you made your deposit by credit card, you can contact your credit card company and lodge a complaint.  Internet credit card charges are called CNPs, standing for "Cardholder Not Present" and are treated differently by banks than credit card transactions handled in person.  Since Internet transactions have no physical signatures, the merchant has to assume greater risk on any credit card transaction.   If you have a valid  complaint  against an online casino,  your credit card bank will usually side with you and credit your account for the amount of the deposit made to the Internet casino.  The Internet casino ends up with a Chargeback, industry jargon for the amount refunded to a consumer who has reneged on a credit card debt.

Some persons will gamble heavily on the Internet, and collect their winnings if they win and plan on refusing to pay when they lose.  If this is your game, you are forewarned that the e-casinos maintain an industry wide database of credit card deadbeats and you are not likely to get away with this trick more than once.

Before you begin play, you usually have to download software provided by the e-casino.  How long this takes is primarily dependent on the speed of your Internet access.  A modem operating at 56K is the minimum access you will be comfortable with.  Before you download any software, be sure to create a folder for the images you download. If you are a Windows user, you can create a folder for the downloaded software by opening Windows Explorer or My Computer. In Windows Explorer or My Computer, open the folder or directory in which you want to create a new subfolder. On the File menu, point to New, and then click Folder. The new folder appears with a temporary name. Type a name such as "Casino Software" for the new folder, and then press ENTER. You now have a folder where you can download software from online casinos.

Starting the download process is easy. If you use either Netscape or Internet Explorer as your browser, click on the download image with your mouse. Choose "Save as" from the choices offered you. A box will appear on your screen. Choose the file folder you created to store this banner and save the software to this folder.

The file or directory where you decide to locate your casino software is not as important as knowing where you decide to store it and remembering what names you have used for the directory and the downloaded software.  The biggest problem people have with downloading is that they forget the name of the downloaded file and they canít find it.

Sometimes you will lose your Internet connection in the middle of a download.  Your only recourse is to start the download over.

While you are downloading the Internet casino's software, you can set up your paperwork for the casino.

After you have tried the downloaded software and satisfied yourself that the e-casino meets all of your requirements, you will have to register with the e-casino.  When you are using a credit card to make a deposit, be sure that the address you submit is the same address used for the credit card or your credit card will be declined.

It is very important to be organized with your record keeping.  You will need to set up a record for each online casino, recording important information that you will need for all of your dealing with the casino.

Your Master Internet Casino Record will contain everything you will need to know to handle any situation which will arise with the casino.  It will also contain all of the information needed to reconcile any amounts due you by the e-casino and help you track down credit card credits, checks received and so on.

You will need to set up one Master Internet Casino Record for each online casino.  Here is the information you will enter on the record:

Casino Name:  Use the actual name of the casino

URL:  Here you will record the URL or domain name of the casino.  This is your record of the Internet address of the casino.

Software:  You will record the name and directory of the software you downloaded for the casino.  Your record might read as:  C:\Casino Software\Rockyroad.exe, indicating that you stored the software named "Rockyroad.exe" in the directory (folder) "Casino Software" on your "C" hard drive.  This information is to help you locate the software.

Pitboss:  Many e-casino's managers are called pitbosses.  If you get the name of your pitboss, record it.

E-mail address:  Be sure to write down the e-mail address of the online casino.  If you have a problem, you can start with an e-mail contact with the casino to resolve the problem.

Telephone number:  It is a good rule not to play in e-casinos which do not have toll free numbers.  Be sure to record it.

Name of Credit Card Processor:  Credit card transactions with e-casinos rarely show up with the casino's name on it.  Many web sites reveal the name which will show up on your credit card statement.  This is important information that you will need to match a credit card charge and a later credit with the particular e-casino.

            Software Brand:  This information is useful for tracking the reliability of a brand.

User name:  When you register with an e-casino, you will be asked for a user name.  Some casinos will use your e-mail address as your user name.  Be sure to record it.  You will need it each time you log on.

Password:  You will set up your own password when you register.  Unless you have a great memory, you should write it down.

Country where licensed:  I like to record this information as a reminder to make sure that I checked to see if the casino is licensed. 

Auditors:  The use of auditors is one more safeguard of the e-casino's reliability. 

Publicly Traded:  Although being publicly owned is not a prerequisite for play, it adds to the reliability of the e-casino.

Deposit Information:  This information is critical.  You will record the date of your credit card deposit, the amount of the deposit and the type and card number of the credit card used.  You will need this information to find the transaction on your credit card statement.  Varying the deposit amount for each casino will help immensely in matching transactions.  If you normally deposit $500, instead of depositing the same amount in several e-casinos, deposit $505 in Casino A, $510 in Casino B, $515 in Casino C, and so on.

Bonus Information:  Record the date that the bonus is received and the amount received.  Most e-casinos require that you give them play at least equal to the amount of your deposit before they credit the bonus to your account.  Whenever the bonus shows up, be sure to record it.

Record of Play:  You will keep a summary of your play at this casino.  This summary will show the game(s) played, the dates of each session, the beginning balance in your account before each session started, the amount wagered for the session, the amount of the bonus added to the account, the amount won or lost for each session, and the ending session balance.  With this information, you will have a complete record of your activities at the casino.  While keeping all of this information may seem overwhelming at this point, the whole process is very easy, and I will show you exactly how to do it.

Withdrawal Information:  This is the fun part: tracking down how and when the casino pays you for your efforts.  You will first record the date of a request for withdrawal of funds and the amount requested.  If you have had a good experience with this casino, it is not necessary or desirable to withdraw all of your deposit after a series of wins.  Assume that you deposited $500, received a bonus of $50 and after several sessions have built the account up to $933.  Instead of withdrawing $933, why not leave $50 in the account for now and request funds of $883?  I assure you that after you leave $50 in the account, the casino will start e-mailing you additional bonus offers for more play as you have shown the casino that you are willing to leave some funds on deposit for future play.  It is also a good idea to withdraw an odd sum rather than an even amount as it will be much easier to find this amount on your credit card statement if the amount withdrawn is unique to this particular casino.

Most e-casinos will repay winnings by first crediting your credit card for the amount of your original deposit and mailing the excess to you in the form of a check.
  This complicates tracking down withdrawals, as you have to track both credit card credits and checks.  For a withdrawal request of $833, with an original deposit of $510, you can expect $510, less any transaction fees, to be credited to your credit card balance, with the balance, in this case, $323, to be mailed to you as a check.  Write down each part of the withdrawal as soon as you have the information so that you keep a complete record of payments received from the e-casino.

                          Master Internet Casino Record





E-mail address:                         

Phone Number:                        

Credit Card Processor:                



Software Brand:                        

Where Licensed:                       


Publicly Traded Information:                                                          

Deposit Information:


CC Type:                

Card #                   






Bonus Rec'd:            

                                        Record of Play

Games Played:                                                              

Dates Played



Bonus Paid

Amounts Won/Lost

























































There are a number of things you don't want to do when you play online.  

1.  If an offer is too good to be true, then it will be too good to be true.

Some e-casinos offer outrageous bonuses, some as high as 50 or even 100 percent.  Do you really think that any reputable casino can offer and actually pay these bonuses?  Frankly, it's not worth the risk.  There are so many good e-casinos available offering legitimate bonuses, that you don't have to fall for the sucker bait.

2.  Do not open multiple accounts at the same e-casino.

There are an unbelievable number of people who open an account at an e-casino which offers a sign up bonus.  Then they try opening additional accounts using different credit cards trying to get another bonus for each new account.

If you try this, you will get caught.  Matching addresses is the easiest thing in the world in a database.  Even if you have different credit cards in different names, using different addresses, it is not worth the effort to try to deceive an e-casino into giving you multiple bonuses for "new" accounts.  You don't need to go to all this trouble to get more bonuses.  I will show you how to have the Internet casinos coming to you offering you bonuses after you have played there a time or two.  In any case, it is not that much trouble to simply add new casinos to your "approved list" and gain the bonuses legitimately.

If you have more than one person in your household who wishes to play, make sure you e-mail the casino first and tell them you wish to open an account for your spouse or adult children.  They usually will have no problem accommodating you so long as you are above board about what you are doing.

3.  Do not play with money you will need in the next few weeks.

Many e-casinos are fairly slow about paying.  It may take several weeks for a credit to show up in your credit card account.  Many casinos have overcautious procedures, such as requiring you to FAX them a copy of your driver's license before they will mail you a check.  While you may think that the casino is stalling you, in most cases they are just being cautious so that someone else doesn't con them out of monies due you. 

Some casinos claim they will Fedex your winnings in a few days and others will do electronic transfers in two or three days, but even in these cases, a week can go by before you will have the cash.

The delay in retrieving your funds is probably the biggest source of aggravation for most online gamblers.  Given the natural distrust many persons have of virtual casinos, this is to be expected; however, there are nearly always legitimate reasons why it takes a little longer than you expected to retrieve your winnings.

Your best bet is to never play with money you will need in the next few days.

4.  Don't deposit money before checking to see how the casino pays out money deposited with them. 

Some gamblers are too lazy to do any research on a new casino.  They find an e-casino, and deposit a hundred or two to "try them out."

When they discover that some casinos require the money to be left with the casino two weeks before cashing out, or that there is a minimum cash-out, or that cash-out fees are too high, they give up and play recklessly with the money and usually lose it all.

A little time spent researching the casino can save you all kinds of aggravation.  After you have played with several casinos, you find that they will consistently offer you new bonuses and that you will have little incentive to add many more casinos to your list. 

5.  If you want to be very conservative, only play games in casinos using downloaded software. 

HTML browser casinos should be strictly avoided and even though there are many reputable casinos offering no-download JAVA games, you will almost eliminate the possibility of playing at a less than reliable e-casino if you stick with casinos using downloadable software.

6.  Don't Lose.  Quit while you are ahead.

Sounds obvious doesn't it?  Yet this is one of the most difficult goals to achieve in both land-based and virtual casinos.  Fortunately, playing the Internet casinos offers much greater control over the length of time you play.  You can also easily control the amount of money wagered in an e-casino very easily.  When you set exact limits on the amount you will wager, pick your games and casinos carefully, and use our winning playing strategy, you will find that it is easy to beat casino after casino on the Web.

We now know how to find a likely e-casino and how to sign up for play there.  Let's learn about the best games to play.

  The above was taken from the Online Gambling Toolkit.

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