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Here are a few unsolicited testimonials from our files. There is no question that the fortunate persons using our systems and methods are taking millions from the casinos. Here's what some of our clients say:

"Liked your craps system very much. Out of 2,414 dice decisions, we made $3,410. And we finished the games earlier than you did. We will be spending a lot more time in the casinos with your approach. Thank you."
Ray D. - Farmington, California

"Just a quick message: thank you, THANK YOU. My wife and I have been using your blackjack betting system for just under two years, in Las Vegas and the Caribbean, with spectacular, almost scary results. Vacations are more than covered, to say the least."
Dr. A. S. - San Diego, California

"Your roulette system is exceptional. It has given me more fun and profit than I ever imagined. I've studied video poker, craps and blackjack, but this system and method of play has been the most beneficial and profitable."
Meyer C. - Omaha, Nebraska

"I used your slot machine system and won $500.00. I was quite pleased for the first time trying it. Thanks."
Sylvia S. - Birdsboro, Pennsylvania

"Hit $1,000 on a 25 video poker machine after reading your book."
Don S. - Portland, Oregon

"Your system works! I don't stay at the craps table more than 10-15 minutes at a time before I hit my target win."
Paul R. - Altadena, California

"You have changed my life! Four days at Harrah's Casino Ship in Joliet, Illinois. I picked up $786.00 profit using $5.00 wagers. Fantastic blackjack system! Thank you."
Sean S. - Chicago, Illinois

"What an outstanding roulette system! Thanks for the follow-up! I've tested it on my computer, and it wins. Please keep me on your mailing list."
Gary M. - Incline Village, Nevada

"I recently took a day cruise to the Bahamas and using your slot system won nearly $500! Thank you for the information."
Gary F. - Boynton Beach, Florida

"I have been using your betting strategy for video poker and have been more successful than I ever thought possible. I have made thousands in the past two months. Thank you, thank you, thank you!
Charles R. - Whiting, New Jersey

"Excellent system. I spent $500 for a craps system that did not work half as well. This is a great money maker."
Robert S. - Santa Barbara, California

"I bought your blackjack strategy a few months ago. The betting strategy contained in it was well worth the price of the book a number of times over. Other players at the table aren't sure of how I'm pocketing black chips making basic $10 bets, while their piles [of chips] get smaller. I let 'em wonder."
Bill H. - Memphis, Tennessee

"A professional gambling system researcher recommended your work to me. He has a couple of your systems and he really likes the way they work."
Ian H. - Ontario, Canada

"I received a copy of your slots system. So far I have won three sessions where before I was losing. I think I will win a lot more after I practice the system more."
Dr. Harold P. - Ainsworth, Nebraska

"Thank you so much!! I just hit my first Royal Flush on a Triple Bonus Video Poker machine! I'm confident many more will come in the future thanks to you! What a great way to start the new year!"
Rachel F. - Janesville, Wisconsin

"I purchased your blackjack strategy the past week. My son and I are students of the game and have found your betting system to be the first that we can truly use with great confidence. Between us in our first trip to Foxwoods we took home well over $300. Thanks again for a well thought out and intelligent approach to playing blackjack. It was a true delight to read your book and put it into practice."
Gene G. - Erie, Pennsylvania

"I wanted to report my good fortune in Las Vegas due to the information and training offered in your books. My wife and I stayed in the Mirage for one week and played blackjack, video poker, craps and roulette. I won a royal flush worth $1,221 plus $800 on video poker before that. I am thrilled with your systems."
David C. - Fort Myers, Florida


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