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Watch Your Own Craps Bets!


If you are going to play craps you will need to learn to keep track of your own bets. 

Dealers track individual bets by positioning the chips in each betting area to correspond with the position of the player at the table.  By observing where the dealer places your chips, you can tell exactly which bets are yours. 

When the table action is heavy, it is not uncommon for a dealer to miss paying off a winning bet, or to place your winning chips in front of another player.  However, it is still your responsibility to watch your own bets and know when they win or lose so that you won't reach for another player's winnings or let another player pick up your winnings. 

I was playing in one of the casinos in northern New Mexico shortly after Indian gaming became legal.  I was ready to finish the session and had only one bet remaining up, a $100 wager on a Don't Come six.  Naturally, since my bet would win only when the shooter rolled a seven, his roll continued on and on with every number hitting except my No-6.    I waited and waited, not wanting to make any additional bets since I had already had a good win, and I was ready to leave after winning or losing my final bet.  

Finally, the shooter rolled a seven, winning my wager.  Since he had had a good roll, the table was covered with lots of Come Bets with odds and Place Bets, and my singular black chip on the Don't Come for 6.  When the 7 was rolled, the dealer swept all of the chips in the Point Boxes over to the house side of the table, appropriating these bets for the house.  This was correct except for one small detail. 

The shooter's seven was a winning roll for me, and the dealer owed me $200.  When I pointed out the error, the dealer just stared at the mound of chips he had created when he swept all of the losing wagers into a pile.  Fortunately the Boxman remembered my wager and instructed the dealer to slide two black chips my way. 

Here's another tip -

Whenever you win a bet, remember to pick up the chips promptly.  Chips left on the table will be considered a wager, and if you forget to pick up your winnings, you will probably be making another wager whether you intended to or not.  Many players act like the dealers are the enemy at the craps table.  They're not.  Most are decent people working at a thankless job where obnoxious players are the rule rather than the exception.

There are a few dealers with an "attitude."  When I encounter one of these people, I just change tables.  Life is too short to put up with aggravating people.  But most dealers are competent, efficient and friendly if you give them half a chance.  A good dealer will remind you to take odds or to make some bet that you normally make.  Most dealers are rooting for you to win.  A dealer's salary is very low, and dealers depend on tips or tokes to make a decent living.  When you are at a table with friendly, helpful dealers, you should plan on tipping or toking them.

Many players toke or tip dealers by tossing a couple of chips for the boys on the hardway bets.  These are long shot bets which pay either 7 to 1 (Hard 4 and 10) or 9 to 1 (Hard 6 and 8).  Most dealers appreciate a bet made on their behalf on a wager with a better chance of winning.    If you are  wagering on the pass line,  you should make an occasional Pass Line wager "for the boys."  When you make a wager for the dealers, tell your dealer that the bet is for the dealers.  He will tell the Boxman, and if the wager wins, you will have toked the dealers. You will notice that when you make a dealer bet which wins, a dealer will place the winnings in his breast pocket.  The dealer's word for a tip "toke" comes from the word "token" as in token of appreciation.  

It is not necessary to tip the dealers as frequently if you are losing.  They will understand.  If you are winning, they appreciate the occasional tip.  It is better to tip the dealers while you are playing rather than tipping as you prepare to leave.  When the dealers know that you are not a stiff, their normally good service becomes even better. 

If you are using a winning craps strategy, like our Power Craps Strategy, you will be winning most of the time.  I like to tip dealers early in the game so that they know that I am a "George" or tipping player.  Believe me, dealers receiving tips will go out of their way to watch out for your interests.

I have had many occasions when dealers whom I was regularly tipping have overpaid me. 

I have also had losing bets ignored and left up.  If a dealer overpays you, you should never call attention to it.  I have felt on many occasions that the dealers were repaying me for my tipping with an unspoken agreement between us.

One time a dealer was consistently overpaying me on my Come Bets.  My Come Bets were going "off and on," which means that I would have a new come bet in the come box replacing a come bet which had just hit.  In this situation, a good dealer will leave both of the come bets up and just place the winnings in a separate stack of chips in the Come Betting Box.  This particular dealer overpaid me for a couple of bets. 

I made a Come Bet for the boys which promptly won and I gave  the chips to the dealer.  My next winning Come Bet was overpaid by a chip.  I continued to make occasional wagers for the dealers, and the dealer continued to overpay my Come Bets.    I believe that we had formed a kind of partnership that was benefiting both of us.  Whenever the Boxman was watching my end of the table the dealer paid off the bets correctly. However, there were two large bettors at the other end of the table, and the Boxman's attention was mostly focused there.

Even if you are not rewarded by overpaid bets, the atmosphere at the craps table will improve once you are perceived to be a tipper. What's more, all of the casino personnel will respect you as a class gambler who knows the rules and respects and appreciates the hard work the dealers perform.

In playing craps, perhaps more than any other casino game, it is critical that you use a tested system.  The system should have plenty of built-in safeguards to protect your bankroll, yet give you a fighting chance to let your profits run when you are experiencing a winning streak.


One of the best systems I have ever used is the Power Craps Strategy.

You can use it in either land-based or Internet casinos to grab substantial profits by learning how to make just one bet correctly.

My colleagues and I use it as a regular source of income.

Anytime I want I can log on to an online casino and bring in $1,000 in less than an hour, safely and easily.

This system is so consistent that it turns the game of casino craps from a game that regularly grinds up most gamblers into a game that you will pursue for consistent profits, mostly by making moves that no one else has ever thought of!

And, you can take a step at a time and build on at your own pace. For instance, you can start conservatively and master making just one bet that will bring in at least $150 an hour. As your confidence and bankroll grow, you can rapidly move up to the big leagues and bring in $500, $1,000, even $2,050 an hour!

This is a strategy that I can recommend without any hesitation.  I suggest you read more about it here.  



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