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Dear Player,

I thought I had seen it all when it comes to blackjack strategies.

I have tested and used numerous card counting systems.

I have developed and prospered using different types of betting progressions for blackjack. 

I thought I had experienced just about all of the innovations that I was likely to see in my lifetime when it came to variations in blackjack strategies.

Oh, I fully expected to see new developments in betting strategies and money management systems.  These are the usual ways that gambling systems are improved –

Incrementally, with small, but logical changes.

Nothing prepared me for what Greg Fletcher developed.

Greg is a very successful securities trader.  He has been out on his own for some time now, and I know that he does very well.  In fact, I am a great admirer of his trend following approach to trading stocks and mutual funds.  I use some of his techniques and they all share the same characteristics – they are very easy to use and very, very profitable.

When Greg told me he had applied the same type of approach to the game of blackjack, I immediately took notice.

Based on my past dealings with Greg, I knew that anything he had to say about blackjack play would probably be worth some good money to me.

But, I was still more than shocked when Greg revealed what he had done.

What he has developed is a quantum leap above every other blackjack strategy I have seen.

His “Rhythm of the Cards Method” is a remarkable new way of following the cards but without card counting.

As you may know, the objective of card counting is to determine when the undealt cards in a blackjack game are more favorable to players.  When this occurs, the card counting player will increase the size of his bets hoping to capitalize on a few favorable hands of cards.

The huge risk to this approach is that the hoped for player-favorable hands never show up.  In fact, the player may get a number of very bad hands – just when he is raising his bets.

Card counting advocates rely on long-term probability and believe that if you can just hang in there long enough, eventually this approach will pay off.

Unfortunately, you may have to play for a very long time, with a very large bankroll, hoping that eventually you will make some money.

This is probably the greatest reason that I have never been much of a fan of card counting.  Now, of course, all this is pretty much moot since the casinos have instituted so many countermeasures into the game of blackjack that hardly anyone can successfully count cards and make any money from it.

What Greg has done is to develop a powerful non-card counting way that follows that actual flow of cards and automatically adjusts your bets to match what the cards are actually doing.

In case you missed the difference between this and what card counting does, let me explain –

Card counting is really just a theoretical system where you increase the size of your bets whenever the probability of winning slightly improves.  Notice that I said “probability of winning” rather than saying “when you are winning.” 


Herein lies the difference.  

Greg’s Rhythm of the Cards Method takes into consideration whether you are actually winning most of your hands.  If you are, then this important point is taken into account when you set your bets.

As a result, the Rhythm of the Cards Method is much more effective than card counting.  In fact, extensive testing shows that it is a virtually certain way of winning at any version of blackjack being dealt today.

With the Rhythm of the Cards Method, you will automatically adjust the size of your bets to match what the cards are actually doing.

And, when you use it, you will win a remarkable 94% of all blackjack games.


As a $5 bettor, playing in a land-based blackjack game, you can easily make $227 an hour in net profits.

With faster online blackjack play, you can bring in $189 an hour making just $2 bets.  

What’s more, learning and profiting from this strategy is simple and virtually foolproof.  

I have just completed a deal with Greg to offer his complete “Blackjack Attack Strategy” which incorporates his incredible “Rhythm of the Cards Method” into the blackjack breakthrough strategy of the new millennium!

Here’s just some of what you will learn in this just released new course –

  • You will discover how to turn $100 into a $947 an hour income playing online.

  • You will learn how to easily set up a permanent income of $30,000 a month using this strategy.

  • You will gain access to a plan to make $2,000 a day “working” less than two hours a day from your home.

  • You will learn how to overcome every blackjack game being offered – including all versions in both land-based and online casinos – and then run up huge profits almost like magic!

  • You will learn to use Greg’s awesome “Profit Ladders,” built into the strategy.  When you do, you will be able to run up huge profits with zero risk of giving anything back!

  • You will discover how to win with very short games – about 8 minutes average play for online and 20 minutes in a land-based casino.

  • You will be able to play flawlessly using the remarkable Blackjack Bet Tracker which comes with the course.

There is no doubt that you will be able to create a permanent and rock-solid source of profits using this fabulous new way of playing blackjack.

If you order by  the incredible new “Blackjack Attack Strategy” course is now available to you at 75% off.  What’s more, it comes with the most valuable bonuses (eleven in all) I have ever seen. 

You must check this out!   I will not be able to offer this to you at this rock bottom price for very long.  Click through to the Blackjack Attack Strategy online report now.  This information will be worth a fortune to you!

Warmest regards,

   Russell Hunter


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P.P.S.  One of the best features of this outstanding course is that it comes with the “Blackjack Bet Tracker.”

With it, you can forget about having to memorize complicated rules or remembering how much to bet.

The Tracker does it all for you.  It was specifically developed for the Blackjack Attack Strategy and when you use it, everything you need to do to win is automatic.  All you have to do is decide on your level of play and set the Bet Tracker for that level of play. 

Then it does everything for you including giving you the exact amount of every bet.

It is so effective that it will even signal you when it is time to quit and lock-up your profits.

The Blackjack Bet Tracker makes playing and winning with the Blackjack Attack Strategy as easy as possible.  Even if you don’t know a thing about blackjack, you will be able to use this strategy flawlessly and instantly bring in large and very consistent profits!


P.P.P.S  I am concerned that you act quickly on this.  This is a very powerful newly created way of setting up the most consistent profit stream I have ever experienced.  As one of my clients, I want to make sure that you too have a chance to participate in this earnings juggernaut.  Click through to the online report now!



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