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Hi. I’m Greg Fletcher.

My "day job" is trading futures and options.  Since I usually wrap up my work by 2:00 PM I have time to explore other ways to make money.

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Two years ago I hardly ever played craps.  I had tried the game a few times and thought it was a pretty crazy way to blow a lot of money in the noisiest way possible!

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Craps-Max Betting has the perfect bet timing system.

Mick D., a Computer Programmer – Chicago, Illinois


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Most Craps Players Look for Hot Rolls or Cold Rolls to Win

Craps-Max Betting plays by its own rules.

Hot tables aren’t needed.

Cold tables don’t matter.

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An Old Craps Shooter Dared Me to Come Up with a Consistent Way to Win at Craps!

I am pretty good at trading commodity futures and sometimes stocks.

It is all about timing and knowing the right timing trigger.

And, it is critical to know not only how to control losses but how to keep from giving back profits from profitable trades.


About a year ago I accepted an invitation to talk to a local investment club about trading.  I don’t normally like to do these kinds of things but I owed a friend a favor and before I knew it I had agreed to give this talk on “How to Profit with Low Risk Trades.”

I gave my talk and answered a lot of questions before I stepped down. I went out in the hallway to get a breathe of fresh air when an older fellow who had attended my talk approached me.  He introduced himself as a retired investor and asked for a couple minutes of my time.

I figured he was going to try to sell me something and I had just told him that I had to go when he hit me with “You know you can make a lot of money a lot faster if you apply the same techniques to playing craps.”

He told me that he played craps as a hobby and that he played almost weekly  He had had some success playing with a limited number of bets which he called the “timed bets.”

I was intrigued.  I had just gotten back form a casino visit where I played craps with a couple of friends and managed to almost break even after playing two or three hours.  Knowing how treacherous the game was I figured I had done all right, but I had started thinking about how I could apply some of my successful trading techniques to beating the game of craps.

Now, an avid craps player had approached me with a similar idea and basically asked me if I could help him in his attempt to tame the game.

I suggested that we meet in a local casino next week so that I could observe his system in action.



Bernie Demonstrates His Craps System in the Ameristar East Chicago

We met at the Double Down Diner at the Ameristar East Chicago at 4:40 on Wednesday afternoon.  I had only played here once before but it was Bernie’s favorite place to play craps and I was here to watch and learn.  

We ordered coffee and he explained his craps system.  I intended to not only observe but to play the system myself.

He explained his system and I made a few notes.  It seemed easy enough.

We started playing, buying in for $500 each.  I watched him make his Timed Bets and after seeing a couple rounds of bets I moved over to a different craps table which had just opened up.  I figured we would get a better test if we played on different tables.

We played for a couple of hours and then I walked over to his table and suggested we take a break at Bugatti’s Steak and Pasta.  It has a pretty good reputation and we had agreed in advance that win or lose we would try the steakhouse.

We compared notes –

We had each bought in for $500 and made the same size bets.  He may have gotten in a little more play than I did as I had to spend some time just watching him before I started playing. 

Bernie had won $478 which was pretty impressive.

However, I had won $786.  Beginner’s luck?

I didn’t think so.  I explained to Bernie how I had modified his betting strategy slightly.

While Bernie tended to leave his bets up for three or more hits I reduced the size of my bets after one win and then took them down after two hits.

He was getting more action but my profits were higher.

While this certainly wasn’t a definitive test, Bernie and I agreed that we needed to test which approach worked better. 


“This is the biggest upgrade in craps play I have ever seen.  I have been killing the game using the Craps-Max approach. 

“This system may be the best one for all levels of play – low rollers to whales!

George Stern, Craps Pro – Las Vegas, Nevada



Testing and Perfecting When to Craps-Max the Bets!

We decided to test different Craps-Max Betting Models.

Bernie had all of the time in the world and preferred to play at the Ameristar.

My time was limited so that I confined my testing to online play which is faster and definitely more convenient.  

After three weeks of testing different variations we came to a decision on how to handle the bets.  It turned out the best approach seemed to be a compromise between our two approaches –

Sometimes it made sense to leave the bets up a little longer and other times they needed to be pulled almost as soon as we had a win.

We agreed on what seemed to be the best Craps-Max Technique and decided to revisit the Ameristar.


Ameristar East Chicago Round Two

We decided to start our play at the same level as the first time we had played.

Bernie played on one table and I played on another.

We had agreed on how to Craps-Max our bets after wins with a little discretion allowed to make adjustments on the fly.

After about an hour and a half of play, we took a break. 

Bernie had won $1,375.  I had won $1,289.  

There was no doubt that our adjustments on how we handled the bets after wins had improved our winnings.

However, I was still concerned about the timing of when we made our bets.  Bernie had worked out a bet timing system that depended on the number of dice rolls.  I had my doubts about his approach and I thought it could be improved.  One thing I had learned in over twenty years trading is that any system can be improved and I wanted to try some variations to his approach.

Before we started playing I had done some testing online and I was convinced I had come up with a better way to determine when to place the Craps-Max Bets.


We played another hour.  Bernie won another $490 and I won $593.  Too close to call!

On the way home I decided that we needed a different approach to resolve this problem.


Craps-Max Betting is terrific!  I really enjoyed the video course which showed exactly how to make the bets and beat the game.

“I have been playing online for three weeks.  So far I am up over $9,000 and very, very pleased!”

Jake M. – Endeavor, Wisconsin



Mick the Computer Programmer Came Up with A Different Way to Time Making the Bets!

I met with Mick D., a really good computer programmer, who had a lot of experience in developing and testing trading models.

Mick was a little surprised when I told him that I was interested in a way to time making craps bets but once I laid it all out he quickly grasped how to solve the problem.

Mick found a craps simulation program that he could use to test different timing triggers for setting up bets.  

Bernie and I put our heads together and gave Mick a list of timing triggers to test.  Mick agreed to determine the optimal time to place our Craps-Max Bets using 100,000 dice decisions and then comparing results of placing our Craps-Max Bets based on:

Hot Shooters

Cold Shooters

The appearance of sevens

The time between sevens

The number of rolls a shooter made

The shooter making his point

Betting on new shooters

Qualifying Shooters before betting

Qualifying the table before betting

Testing Our Special Bet Timing Techniques


Mick ran the simulations and got back to me the following week.

Once I reviewed his work it became obvious that all of the old craps players systems for timing bets couldn’t come close to the system we had worked out.


Even Mick was impressed.  “It looks like you’ve got the perfect timing system here!”  And I agreed –  

We now had the Perfect Timing System for placing Craps-Max Bets!


“I live in Las Vegas and I love to play craps.  Craps-Max Betting is the most consistent winning system I’ve tried.

“I just finished my fourth week of play and I am ahead $63,000.  For the first time I feel like I can turn pro with no problem!”

Moe D. – Las Vegas, Nevada



Bernie and I Put It All Together the Next Saturday at the Ameristar!

Bernie and I met several times during the week.

We agreed on how to adjust the Craps-Max Bets after both wins and losses!

And, we mastered the new Perfect Bet Timing System  the BT Trigger! 


Now we were anxious to try it in Bernie’s favorite casino!

We met at the Ameristar at 10:30 in the morning.  It was kind of early for most craps players and just one table was open with only a couple of players.  We had thought of this in advance and since our system was totally independent of shooters, counting rolls, and all of the other old school craps timing systems we had agreed that we could play and win even if there were no other shooters at the table.

We bought in for $2,500 each.  Two hours later we took a short break to compare notes.

Bernie had won $3,609.  I was up $3,478.  By then a second table was open and I moved to the other table.


I bought in for $5,000 for this playing session and Bernie did the same.  The system was performing flawlessly.

Sometimes I would get a signal to place the Craps-Max bets as soon as the shooter got the dice.  At other times it would take a few rolls.

A number of times I would get no BT Trigger.  Invariably these shooters would seven out and I saved my money by not betting.

Once the Craps-Max Bets were in place I would wait for a win.  After the win I would reduce the size of the bets following the Craps-Max bet procedure.  Time after time I would pull in wins and then lock them up using the special Craps-Max techniques.

I don’t want to give the impression that these bets always won.  Sometimes they didn’t. When they lost, all I would do is wait for a new BT Trigger and then set up another round of Craps-Max Bets using Scaled Up Bets.  

Time after time the system would quickly recoup any losses and then set up new rounds of wins and then lock those wins up while I continued to keep the bets in place.


We finally stopped playing about 6:00. We had a steak dinner bet on who would win the most.

I had won $11,673.  I was fairly confident that I had beaten Bernie.

Bernie won $12,891.  As we walked to the restaurant I asked him “What would you like to drink while we wait for our steaks?”


Never played craps before joining your test team.  As a tester I am supposed to be critical of the system but I really can’t.

“I have won $70,000 plus in the last four weeks.  Craps-Max Betting in truly a ‘one of a kind’ moneymaker!”

Marina C. – Henderson, Nevada



Online Play Wins $180 Every Fifteen Minutes!

I wanted to see how well I could do online using the perfected Craps-Max Betting Strategy!  I was busy trading the next two days but after closing out a trade with a large profit I decided to see how well I could do online “taking down” craps.

I signed onto my favorite online casino and played about thirty minutes in free practice mode.  The system performed flawlessly!

After my practice session I played for real.  I had decided to make $10 my base bet and to see just how well I could do if I played at this level a few hours.

I played that afternoon as well as the following afternoon.  I kept track of all of my play so that I could analyze it later.  Here’s how I did –  

Five Hours of 
Online Craps Play  


Dice Rolls

Time Played Online (300 Rolls per hour)

Amount W/L - $10 Betting



16 min




16 min




16 min




15 min




20 min




12 min




11 min




13 min




15 min




15 min




21 min




14 min




21 min




16 min




17 min




14 min




16 min




16 min




284 Minutes







Making $10 bets I won $3,404 in a little less than five hours.  I won an average of $11.99 a minute.  This is very strong for ten-dollar betting!

You will notice that I won 17 out of 18 games.  This is typical performance for Craps-Max Betting! You will notice that the loss was really not much more than a bump in the road to higher profits.


If you like to think in terms of hourly pay, I won an average of $719 an hour as a ten-dollar bettor!  

While this is excellent you can do ever better!

I didn’t have to continue to bet at this level and you won’t either.

Once you are on a winning streak (which happens every time you play) you can increase the size of your basic bets as your winnings grow. For example, instead of sticking with $10 bets I could have increased my betting to $25

If I had been making $25 bets I would have won $8,510 in these online sessions!

With Craps-Max Betting you will have total control over your betting.  If you like you can just stay at one level of betting like I did. Or, you can shoot for the moon like I did three weeks later in Las Vegas.  

Craps-Max Betting is great.  I really like the Bet Controller because it makes playing so easy.

“I play online four or five times a week.  Total winnings are now over $17,000.

“Thanks for all of your help.”

Lloyd C. – Arlington, Texas




Taking Down Las Vegas!

After my successes playing at the Ameristar as well as playing online I started thinking about seeing how Craps-Max Betting would perform in the granddaddy of all gambling Meccas – Las Vegas.

As luck would have it I had already planned to attend a three-day seminar in Las Vegas on trading oil derivatives and I changed my schedule so that I arrived a couple of days before the seminar started.

Before I left I called Martin Silverthorne to see if he would meet with me in Las Vegas.

Martin lives in Las Vegas and is considered the premier developer of top-rated gambling systems. I wanted to see what he thought about Craps-Max Betting. 

I flew in on a Tuesday and arrived in Las Vegas late afternoon.  After checking in to the Aria Resort Casino I called Martin. He picked me up about 5:00 – cocktail time as he called it.

We drove out to his home in Summerlin and I meet his lovely wife Diane. She had the margaritas ready by the time we arrived and we sat out on the poolside patio. He brought me up to date.  He had just finished validating a new blackjack system and he showed a strong interest in hearing about my craps system.

Martin cooked steaks on the grill and we were joined by George Stern, who Martin introduced as “Mr. Craps.”

“George has had more experience playing craps than anyone I know.  He also has a sense about craps systems that has kept me out of trouble more than once.”

George sort of growled when he met and indicated that he was pretty skeptical about any new ways to play craps.

Martin nodded in his direction.  “George has just about seen all of the craps systems ever devised. However, even George may learn something new from your system.  Tell him about it.”

I explained the system to George.  The man must have a photographic memory.  Within ten minutes he seemed to grasp the complete system right down to bet adjustments made in taking down bets.

He especially liked the Bet Timing
System and by the time we finished dinner George was talking about meeting me in the morning to try out the system.

“I’ve got just the place for you to launch this new system – Benny Binion’s old joint downtown.”

George had actually known Benny Binion, former racketeer turned casino owner and one of the most colorful characters in Las Vegas’s checkered past.

“As long as that’s all right with you,” George added, although I don’t think he thought for a moment that he needed my approval.

We finished the evening early.  Martin and Diane were going some place early in the morning and I had an appointment with Binion’s.


Thanks for offering such good support.  Your support team has never failed to promptly answer my questions.”

Sam C. – Lakeland, Florida



Wednesday Morning at the Golden Nugget.

Before we started playing I wanted to try breakfast at the Golden Nugget.  I hadn’t yet been to the Claim Jumper and it seemed like a good place to start the day with a hearty breakfast.

George liked the idea and he already had a table by the time I arrived.

After I sat down and got a cup of coffee, George suggested, “Try the Eggs Benedict. They’re pretty good here.”

I took his advice and really enjoyed the breakfast.  George had toast and coffee and talked nonstop about how Vegas was in the 1980s when Lefty Rosenthal ran the Stardust and Tony “the Ant” Spilotro was still burying people in the dessert.

After breakfast as we were walking through the Golden Nugget’s casino to Binion’s George spotted an old friend who was now a blackjack pit boss at the Nugget. I waited until they finished talking and then George suggested that we start our play in the Nugget instead of across the street.  “I gotta a good feeling about playin’ here.”

I started out making $25 bets.  The strategy was working really well.  I would wait for the TT Bet Trigger then set up the Craps-Max Bets  Usually the bets would win and I would start the bet adjustment technique locking up my winnings as I went.  Occasionally the bets would lose and I would wait for a new signal and set up another round of CM Bets.  While my bets would change as I followed the strategy my winnings continued to grow.


George was playing at a different table and I walked over there once or twice just to see how we was doing.  George was talking nonstop with the nearest dealer and was making $100 bets.  I noticed that his chip rails were filled with $500 and $100 chips.  He was obviously having a good day.

I worked my way up to $50 bets near the end of the morning session.  A little before noon George joined me and asked if I was ready for lunch.  I colored up, cashed in and asked where we were going.


“We’re going to walk a couple of blocks to a joint next to the mob museum.”

I told him that sounded a little sinister.

He laughed. “Nah, it’s tame and is sort of a San Francisco style place.  You like seafood?”

I told him I did.  We left the Fremont Street Experience and walked a couple of blocks to the new Downtown Grand Casino.  We walked into the Triple George Grill, got a table and compared notes.

I had won $2,309 that morning at the Golden Nugget.  George had pulled in a $7,978 win.  Of course his betting was higher than mine.  While I started out making $25 bets and just moved up to $50 betting before we took a break, George has started out as a $100 bettor and was making $200 bets before we quit.


“Craps-Max Betting is a sizzler. I just got back from a trip to Las Vegas. I won $47,000!!! 

"Many thanks for such a great system.” 

Marv Z. – La Jolla, California


We Hit Binion’s Hard That Afternoon

One thing I learned talking to George is that he is very superstitious.  He had had a bad experience playing at the Golden Nugget in the afternoon years ago and refused to play there in the afternoon since.

However, as he explained when we walked back toward Fremont Street where Binion’s was located, Binion’s old joint was always lucky for him.

We walked into the casino and I noticed right away that the craps tables were much more active than the Nugget’s had been.

George explained.  “This has always been a craps joint.  In the old days they would accept any level bet.  As Benny used to explain, “Your bet limit is whatever you’re willing to risk on your first bet.”

George went on to tell me how one bettor had showed up with a suitcase with close to $700,000 in it, made one bet on the don’t pass and won.  The casino paid him off in cash and he disappeared.


“Can you still do that?” I asked.  He looked at me and said, “You kidding.  Now days they gotta report everything to the feds and there is no way they could accept that bet.” He sighed and grinned. “Let’s go Craps-Max these bums.”

As we had in the morning we played at separate tables.  George knew the boxman at another table and they rehashed the Super Bowl while I quietly pursued profits at the next craps table.


We played until a little after 5:00.  George appeared at my shoulder.  “You know one thing I like about your system?”

“What’s that?” I said, keeping my eyes on the table as the dealer was paying off a bet.

“I like that the way the system wraps up winning so nicely.  It’s much tidier than other systems.”

“Well I guess tidy systems make for nice breaks, huh George?”  He smiled back.  “Let’s cash in and head for a quick drink.  We’ve got dinner reservations at the best steakhouse in Vegas.


We walked over to the Four Queens for drinks and compared notes again.  The afternoon had been even more profitable than the morning.

I had started out making $50 bets and gradually moved up to $75 betting.  This approach had paid off handsomely as I won $4,789 playing at Binion’s.  

George was in his own world as usual. He was visiting with the bartender who used to work at the Dunes and they were talking about people they knew thirty years ago.

George did take time to bring me up to date.  He had won $11,489 that afternoon.  He was especially delighted as he told me that he had played on one of the coldest tables he had ever seen. “At one time there were three players playing from the dark side.  You almost never see that. I was almost tempted to join them.”

“But, you didn’t did you?”

“Hell no.  Cold tables don’t much phase your system.  I just kept on winning at the same time those don’t players were winning.  Everyone else was pretty well wiped out.”

A few minutes late he glanced at his watch.  “It’s time to ride the glass elevator.”


We walked back across Fremont Street, reentered Binion’s and found the glass elevator.

“I you like good steaks you’re going to love this place.”  While the ride up in the glass elevator offered great views, the views from the Top of Binion’s were even better.  

We got a table when we could look out over the Strip and I had one of the best steaks ever.  George paid for everything and I could see why he thrived in Las Vegas. As usual he knew a couple of people and he was now introducing me as the man who showed him how to Craps-Max Betting.  

For all of his bluster George was really a lot of fun and I was disappointed when he told me that he couldn’t join me the next day.  “However, you’re still stuck with me tonight.  Let’s go downstairs and do some more damage.”


“Craps-Max Betting is a great system.  Even though I had never played craps before, your explanations and examples made it easy to learn.  The videos were really helpful.

“I tried it out last weekend in a nearby casino.  I won $2,194 and I am really pleased!”

Lee S. – Minneapolis, Minnesota



An Evening at Binion’s

The craps tables were packed when we got back downstairs. However, I found a place at one table and George visited with someone he knew until a spot opened up.  He winked at me from across the room.


At this point I was a little nervous. After a day of winning I should have been more confident than ever but I couldn’t help but think, “What if the system failed?”

For that reason I reverted to making $10 bets for the first fifteen minutes of play.  I took a quick break came back to the table and then starting making $100 bets.  I stayed at this level all evening.  I finally decided to call it a night and I cashed in.  I told George I was going back to the lounge at the Golden Nugget.  He nodded and I couldn’t help but notice that he had a almost a whole tray of $500 chips.

I cashed in my chips and reviewed the results of my first day of play.

In the morning at the Golden Nugget I had won $2,309.

In the afternoon at Binion’s I won another $4,789.


And tonight I had capped it off with a solid $5,899 win.  I had won $12,997 for the day!  I sipped on my scotch and water and waited for George.  It was enjoyable just watching the casino patrons at the Nugget.

Before too long George showed up.  I asked him how he did and he sort of scowled.  I thought for a moment he might have lost then he patted my on the shoulder and said, “Just kidding.  I won another $43,441.  I asked him how he had done for the day and he thought for a moment and then said, “Up $83,000.  That’s a new record for me.”

We talked for a few minutes then it was time to go.  As we walked out George said, “You ought to call Martin.  I think he wants to join you tomorrow.”


“My weekly report of play is attached.  I played in three different online casinos and won in each one.

“I want to thank you for letting me in on this.  I have a feeling I am going to make a lot of money.”

Donald F. – Morrisville, Pennsylvania



Martin and I Take On Caesars Palace!

Martin and I met at the Starbucks in the Forum Food Court the next morning.  He wanted to hear all about my previous day’s play.   George had left him a cryptic message, “We took down Binion’s” and I filled Martin in on the details.

Martin suggested we walk into the Caesars Palace casino and try the system.  He told me he had practiced a little the night before at his home craps table and he was confident he had the system down.  However, he wanted to play at the same table with me at first just to make sure he had all of the techniques down.

We each started out making $100 bets. While I felt like I was pushing my personal betting limit, Martin acted like this was his normal betting level.


We played about fifteen minutes at a very choppy table.  Naturally the Craps-Max System was consistently pulling in wins and Martin said, “I think I am ready to go on my own.  I am going to go over to the high rollers area.”

I stayed where I was as there was plenty of action at this table. If possible the craps players here seemed even more hardcore than the Binion’s players.  They were certainly playing at a higher level as there were several hundred-dollar bettors at my table.

About midmorning I decided to try making $200 bets.  I had made small cards for each level of betting and all I really had to do was refer to the card for $200 betting and get used to making higher bets.


It was almost noon when Martin showed up.  He looked at my chips and gave me a thumbs up.  “No hurry, but if you would like to visit the best English Pub in Las Vegas next, we need to get going.”

I cashed in picking up my biggest win yet - $8,458 that morning.  We walked over to the Gordon Ramsay Pub & Grill near the Coliseum at the Forum Shops entrance.  It has the most striking bar I have ever seen with a huge array of beer taps reminiscent of British telephone booths.

We sat down and I noticed that the restaurant featured many of the same dishes as a real English pub including onion soup, shepherd’s pie, selection of sausages and classic fish and chips.

Martin ordered one of the local dark beers while I ordered a lager. He opted for a shepherd’s pie while I ordered traditional fish and chips.  

We compared notes.  Martin had a couple of suggestions for improving the profits during the lockup period after we had won a bet when we were in the profit lockup phase.  Other than that he had nothing but praise for the system.

“I am really impressed with your bet timing system.  You have really made a major improvement in bet timing that really turns the tables on craps!”

Coming from Martin, who probably knows more gambling systems than anyone else on the planet, this was a tremendous compliment!


“I have a background in math and didn’t believe that craps could be beaten.  After playing the Craps-Max System for three weeks I think I was wrong.  I believe the combination of timing your bets and then using your Craps-Max techniques really do overcome the house edge.

“My own experience is very positive – I have won $34,000.

Bart T. – Antioch, California



We Crushed Caesars Palace!

After lunch Martin suggested that we both play on higher bet limit tables.  He also talked me into $500 betting.  For some reason this bothered me.  Even though my trades are hundreds of times the size of my gambling bankroll there was something intimidating about making bets of $500 or more.

Martin reassured me.  “Just think of them as $5 bets.  There is really no difference except the size of the bets.”


I am not sure that helped.  Nonetheless, I started making $500 bets.  After about fifteen minutes I decided that Martin was right.  The hardest thing was getting over the idea of risking $500 per bet.  Once I got into the rhythm of the system it was just like making $5 bets.

The table we were on was never full and the game went pretty fast.  This was to our benefit as we got in more bets per hour and therefore won more per hour.

The high rollers at the table didn’t act or bet much differently than a group of $5 bettors.  There were just as many hardway and one-roll bets (lousy bets) made by this group as were made by the low rollers.

Fortunately, the level of the game didn’t make any difference to the efficiency of Craps-Max Betting.  I just followed the same procedure –

I waited for a timing signal,

Then I set up the Craps-Max Bets.

I waited for a win,

Then I either reduced the size of the bets or took them down depending on where I was in the cycle.


My tray quickly filled with $500 chips.  Then the dealer started coloring me up to $1,000 chips and the tray continued to fill.

Martin was at the other end of the table fighting his own battle and filling his chip trays just like I was.


About 3:00 we took a break and walked to a lounge.  Neither one of us commented on our winnings at this point.  Martin seemed as cool as a cucumber.  I was still a little nervous over playing at this level.

After finishing our drinks Martin said, “Shall we go finish this up?”


We played about another hour and a half.  I looked up and saw that Martin was coloring up.  That seemed like a good idea to me.

We both cashed in and at Martin’s suggestion I had the casino cut me a check for part of my winnings.

“I don’t feel safe walking around with this much cash and you shouldn’t either,” he cautioned.

We drove back to Martin’s house.  As we drove I updated my record of the trip.

“I won $12,997 yesterday and $35,348 today.  That totals $48,345.  That’s a new record for me.”

Martin looked over.  “I think that you are going to set quite a few new records with this system!”

“I really like the Craps-Max Betting system.  The Bet Controller makes playing and winning very easy.

“Thanks for letting me help you test this system.  I have won over $21,000 with no end in sight.”

Vivian N. – Corinth, Mississippi


That Night at Martin’s We Reach a Decision . . .

Diane met us at the door with two cocktails.  She kissed Martin and gave me an air kiss.  “Now you are on your own.  I’m meeting some friends.”

We found a salad and a pair of swordfish steaks out by the grill.  We sat down in the shade of the patios with the misters cooling it down enough to be comfortable and relaxed.


Martin congratulated me again on the system and asked, “What do you do now?”

I responded, “I’ve still got my seminar to attend.  Maybe I’ll play a little more at night.”

“What I meant was what are you going to do with the system?  Are you willing to share it?”

I thought for a minute and said, “I can’t see why not.  I’ve released three different trading systems on a limited basis and so long as too many traders don’t know about them it won’t reduce their effectiveness.”


He then made me a proposal. He suggested that we release the system to a maximum of 500 people.  He described how he would do it.

“We’ll set up a special web site where we can control access.  Then we limit the number of Player Kits that can be downloaded.”  He went on explaining how he could set up the operation.

I should mention that Martin has done this with other systems and that if I let anyone market the system, it would have to be Martin.


As he finished his discussion I asked, “Is that all?”

“Well, first we have to test and validate the system.”

Before I could object that that was what I had been doing he interrupted.


“Up to this point you have been designing and doing preliminary testing of Craps-Max Betting.  Now we have to give it the real test and see how it holds up.”

He explained that simulated tests and even several days play were no substitute for having a number of players try the system in real casinos over a period of time and then report how they had done.

“Sounds like a lot of work.”


He explained that he had enough seasoned players to set up and monitor the testing.  He did ask me to serve as the coordinator and to work with the testers.

I agreed and he told me he would contact me again in a week or so.

I never played craps before learning the Craps-Max Betting Strategy. Crazy it is sounds I am winning an average of $5,458 a day playing online!”

Marie G. – Englewood, Colorado



Our Players Craps-Max Betting Worldwide!

Martin and I worked putting together a group of players to test the Craps-Max Betting Strategy in a variety of locations.  In addition to the players who would play in land-based casinos I recruited players for online play from two different investment clubs I had worked with previously.


The final group broke down as follows:

31 players who would play in land-based games.  We got good coverage as we had six players in Nevada, three in Missouri, three in Mississippi, two in Indiana, four in Atlantic City, with the rest playing in the Caribbean, South American, England, Germany, Australia, Macau and New Zealand.

16 players who would play online.  We gave the players a list of 25 prequalified online casinos and then let them choose where to play.  Part of this test was to further qualify the casinos as well as testing the system and we wanted to get lots of feedback from the players on how they were treated by the online casinos.


Each player received a Players Kit which not only showed them how to play the system but contained complete instructions on how they were to track and record their play.


Two days after we finished instructing the players the results starting coming in –

Paul J. sent in the first report.  He was playing in several casinos in North Las Vegas.  “Lots of money is coming in.  This system is a ball.”


This was followed by an update from Tom B. playing in Tunica, Mississippi.  

System works great.  Even though I am just supposed to test this I am making a lot of money!

Then reports from the online players started to hit –

Jodi D. added these comments to her detailed summary – “System is fantastic.  It is perfect for online craps as I can play very fast and increase the winnings.  Am doing well – see my report for details.”

Lee C. added this to the results of his first week’s play – “I have now played in three different online casinos.  No problem with any of the casinos.  Craps-Max Betting works perfectly.  Report follows.”


“I had never played craps before you recruited me to test your system.  Now I exclusively play craps on weekends. The best part is that I have been winning over $9,000 a week!”

Vince T. – Waterloo, Iowa



Craps-Max Betting Scores Big Worldwide!

I found myself actually rooting for our players as the reports came in.  Since they were playing for real money and got to keep everything they won some of them were quite exuberant –

“Oh my God.  I can’t believe I won $21,000 this week.  This is the best thing that ever happened to me.”  Mike S. playing online.

“Best craps system I have ever used.  I won $9,492 yesterday playing at Hollywood Casino in Tunica.”  Len H.


We ran the test for over seven weeks.  All of the information was entered into a database where we summarized and analyzed it all.

By the tine the test was finished we had complete documentation on 9,828 games covering 820,872 dice rolls.


Our players literally blew the casinos away and beat the craps game soundly wherever they played.

Stu G. playing in Brisbane, Australia at the Conrad Treasury Casino said, “While craps is not the most popular game here I’ve been doing well.  Yesterday I played four or five hours and cleared $3,371 Australian.  System is very impressive.”


From the very first our players’ reports were encouraging.  By the time we finished our analysis there was no doubt –

Our Players Took Down Craps Wherever They Played!



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The Craps-Max Bets

The power behind this strategy starts with the bets themselves.

While the Craps-Max Bets are found on every craps table, no one makes them the way we do.

The players who make these bets at all usually do them wrong.

First, they set them up on a whim.

Then they invariably leave them up too long.

They don’t know how to size the bets to make them profitable.

In short, while these bets are in plain site, most players are clueless on how to turn these bets into powerful Craps-Max Bets.


Let’s start with the math –

When these bets are done right they will give you an edge of 167% over the house.  This is a true statement –

You will be 1.67 times more likely to win than lose on every dice roll!

As bets alone, these bets will help you overcome the house odds.  

But, it gets even better . . .


System is fantastic.  It is perfect for online craps as I can play very fast and increase the winnings as I play.  Am doing well – see my report for details.”

Jodi D. – Greenbelt, Maryland



The BT Timing Trigger Literally Outsmarts the Game of Craps

While the Craps-Max Bets are powerful bets you won’t be a net winner if you make these bets on every dice roll.

Sometimes these bets will lose just like any other bet on the craps layout.  However, we discovered a way to reduce the risk of losing so low that you actually gain an edge over the house making these bets.


We use a system for determining exactly when to make these bets and when to take them down.

It’s called the Bet Timing Trigger and this BT Timing Trigger is so good that you’ll avoid most of the losses that other craps players’ experience.


By targeting the best times to make the Craps-Max Bets you’ll gain an edge over the craps game that most players never get.

But, we don’t stop there.  On top of the Perfect Timing Signal we add the best Win  Lockup Strategy ever created –


“I have now played in three different online casinos.  No problem with any of the casinos.  Craps-Max Betting works perfectly.  Report follows.”

Lee C. – Cleveland, Ohio



Locking Up Wins On the Run!

Nearly every player has winnings.  If they didn’t no one would ever play craps or any other casino game.

However, every time a win comes your way you are facing a decision whether you know it or not –

Do you keep playing?

Do you leave your bets in place?

Should you increase the size of your bets?

Should you take your bets down?

If you reduce the size of the bets, what is the right amount?


We looked at all of these questions in putting the Craps-Max Betting Strategy together.

We came up with a solution that takes all of the guesswork out of play.

It’s called the WIn Lockup System and here’s how it works –



With the Win Lockup System There Is Never Any Guesswork!

Let’s say you win a bet.  What do you do next?  Pull it down? Increase it?

Instead of guessing the Win Lockup System tells you exactly what to do.

Each time you win you follow a set of procedures that allow you to keep on winning but ensures that you will never give back your profits!

I have had as many as eleven straight winning bets using this system.  With each win I locked up more profits, yet I still had the freedom to keep my winning run going.


You’re probably wondering what happens when you lose a bet?

We’ve got that covered too!

Depending on the timing of your loss you may go into Scaled Up Betting.  If you do you’ll regain the amount lost in a bet or two.

Or, you may not have to do anything.  With your profits locked up just wait for a new BT Trigger and start the whole process all over again!



We Certify that everything in this Report is True and has been Verified.  

The Craps-Max Betting Strategy is a unique strategy that has been tested and proven to consistently beat the game of craps.

It has been proven to win in traditional casinos.

It has been proven to win online.

And, it has even been proven to beat the electronic versions of craps.

Each Craps-Max Betting Players Kit comes with this Certificate of Performance and an Unconditional Guarantee!

If You Don’t Win Then We will Refund Every Penny You Paid!  

Martin J Silverthorne
Silverthorne Publications
Verified by Independent Testers



The Craps-Max Betting Strategy Is Fast, Effective and Really Easy to Use!

You may have gotten the idea that the Craps-Max Betting Strategy is hard to use!  The truth is that it is easy to use.  Once you know how to make the Craps-Max Bets all you have to do is watch for the Timing Trigger to set the bets up.  If the bets win you go into Win Lockup mode.  If the bets lose you set up Scaled Up bets.


The process is really easy and quite mechanical.  As a successful trader I can tell you that simple systems usually outperform the complex ones.  The Craps-Max Betting Strategy is a straight forward system that uses just two bets to completely tame the craps tiger.

When you play it you won’t have chips scattered all over the table.

You won’t be counting rolls or waiting for the right shooter.

All you have to do is know when to make your bets and how much to bet.


The rest is pretty automatic.  Here’s what some of our players said –

“I never played craps before working as a tester.  However, the strategy is easy to learn and once I got it down I starting winning like crazy. There are still bets on the craps table that I don’t understand.  It doesn’t matter.  I know how to make the Craps-Max Bets and that’s all it takes to win big. 

“As proof of this, my winnings just reached $60,000.  Pretty good work for an amateur.”

Peggy M. 

“The Craps-Max Strategy is easy to learn.  I play craps online and easily win over $500 an hour.”

Mel D.


“I am a first time craps player.  Doesn’t matter.  I learned the Craps-Max System in about thirty minutes and have been winning ever since.  My winnings hit $90,000 yesterday.”

Les C.

“I never played craps before working as a tester.  However, the strategy is easy to learn and once I got it down I starting winning like crazy. There are still bets on the craps table that I don’t understand.  It doesn’t matter.  I know how to make the Craps-Max Bets and that’s all it takes to win big. 

“As proof of this, my winnings just reached $60,000.  Pretty good work for an amateur.”

Peggy M. – Albuquerque, New Mexico



But, It Gets Even Better!  Now You Can Make Your Play Fully Automatic with the Craps-Max Bet Controller! 

Craps-Max Betting can get a little tricky, especially when you change betting levels.  For example, as your winnings grow you will want to increase your bet size from $5 bets to $10 bets.  And, then you’ll want to go to $15 and $20 and then $25 bets.  This is a natural progression that will multiply your profits many times.

However, you will use different size bets at each level of play.  I developed a complete set of player cards so that you can take a Player Card with you that shows the bets for each level of play.

I thought this was all that was needed until some of the testers started complaining that it was too difficult to keep track of the bets.

I listened to them and went back to my computer programmer, Mick.  Mick told me that he had a friend who worked at Intel and he thought that between the two of them they could come up with something.

About three weeks later Mick called me.

“I want to show you something.  It’s called the Craps-Max Bet Controller. 



You’ll Get Rich With the Craps-Max Bet Controller Here’s How . . .

You are going to love the Craps-Max Bet Controller. It makes playing and winning as easy as counting 1,2 3!


Here’s how it works –

When you play craps just take the controller with you.  If you play online just set it next to your computer.

If you play in a casino you can carry it in your pocket and set it on the craps rail in front of you.

Before you start play you need to set up the controller for your level of play.  That’s all the work you will do.  From now on the controller will take over.

Whenever you get a Timing Signal just make the bets shown by the controller.  Then follow the controller from there.

If you win a bet the controller will show you how to lock up your profits as you continue to let the bets work for you.

The controller will also let you know when it is time to take the bets down.

If you lose the bet the controller will also show you exactly what to do.  Sometimes you may need to go into Scaled Up Betting mode.  The controller will take you there.

At other times the loss will have been covered by the lockup betting techniques.


No matter what happens the Craps-Max Bet Controller will show you when to bet and how much to bet!

As soon as we developed the Bet Controller we furnished each of our testers with his or her own Bet Controller. 


“The Craps-Max Strategy is easy to learn.  I play craps online and easily win over $500 an hour.”
Mel D. – Bridgeport, Pennsylvania

“I am a first time craps player.  Doesn’t matter.  I learned the Craps-Max System in about thirty minutes and have been winning ever since.  My winnings hit $90,000 yesterday.”

Les C. – Reno, Nevada




Our Players Loved their Craps-Max Bet Controllers

Our players loved playing using the Craps-Max Crap Bet Controller –

Linda C. told me – “This makes playing so easy.  All I have to do is push the keys to enter the bets and ‘bam,’ I win again!

Dan M. said, “I thought that using the controller at a casino craps table would draw a lot of attention.  It doesn’t. The nearest dealer noticed that I set it on the rail.  Later he told me that I had a hell of a system. 

“I asked one pit boss what he thought of taking the controller to the table.  He told me that he really didn’t care as long as it didn’t interfere with the game.”

“Based on what I have seen I think I can take the Bet Controller into any casino and use it to play craps and win.  Truly amazing!



We’ve Got a Craps-Max Bet 
Controller Ready for You!

Each Craps-Max Betting Player’s Kit comes with a Bet Controller.  Learning how to use it is really easy as we show you exactly how to set it up and use it to Craps-Max the craps game.

Whether you play craps online or in a casino you can use the Craps-Max Bet Controller to automate your play.  It will tell you where to bet and how much to bet.  All you have to do is place the chips on the table (in a casino) or click on the right wagers and enter the amounts (online) and start winning.

This Bet Controller will give you the final edge to Craps-Max Betting whenever and wherever you play.  One player said using it was better than bringing loaded dice to the table.




Several of Our Players Wanted the System “Locked Up and Kept Secret.”  However . . .

Once the test results had been tabulated and we knew just how well our group of players had done, I sent emails to each of our players sharing the good news.  I also told them that Martin had advised me to release the Craps-Max Betting System to a few more players on a controlled basis.


While many players were ready to share the information some weren’t so generous.

“There is no reason to ever share this system with anyone.  Why don’t you just play it yourself.  You’ll make more money that way any how.”  Tony B.

“Think about your players before you open this up to outsiders.  If too many players start winning they may just close down the game of craps.” Ben D.


I got several more emails in the same vein.  Enough in fact that it made me question why I had ever agreed with Martin to release this.  I contacted him and he reassured me.

“We could just keep this for ourselves.  However, we can just as easily allow a few more players to learn how to beat the craps game cold.  I think sharing knowledge is the best way to go.”  

When I raised the issue of the casinos reacting if they were hit with all kinds of winners he commented –

“We are not going to let that happen. We will strictly control who gets access to this system.  We will only release the system through one web site and then control who gets the information.”

I interrupted, “Isn’t there still a risk too many players will hit the casinos?”

He replied.  “I think not.  We will limit this system to just 500 players.  That’s it.  And as soon we reach the limit we will close it down.”


I was still not quite satisfied.  “But what if some of the casinos start grumbling about Craps-Max players?  What do we do?”

This time he was adamant.  We are not going to ruin a good thing or hurt any of our existing players.  If we get any negative feedback we will close this offer in a heartbeat.”

“And that’s true even if we haven’t yet released 500 copies, right?”

“Absolutely.  Trust me on this, Greg, we will not lose our edge over the craps game!”



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But, That’s Not All.  As our newest player we want to be 100% certain that you will succeed!  You’ll also get a Complete Video Course on How to Play and Win with Craps-Max Betting!

  • How to make the Take Out Bets just like a pro!

  • How to use Special Bet Timing Triggers to set the bets up and take them down.

  • How to use our Perfected Win Lock-up System to go on extended winning streaks with no risk of losing back your winnings!

  • How to use the Craps-Max Bet Controller to play and win automatically!

  • How to win bet after bet using a system perfected and proven to win in real casinos!



If You Act in the Next 30 Minutes You’ll Get the Craps-Max Bet Controller Absolutely Free!  You’ll learn –

  • How to set the Bet Controller for any level of play, from 25-cent to $1,000 bets!

  • How to use the Bet Controller to play for Targeted Wins and then hit them time after time!

  • How to use the Craps-Max Bet Controller to beat the online craps games with play the casinos can’t defeat!

  • How to use the Bet Controller legally in land-based games, even in such tough venues as Las Vegas!

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You'll learn:

·         Why picking craps as your primary game to learn may be the smartest decision you ever make!

·         How to use a strong playing strategy to make money consistently - even at choppy tables!

·         How to become a winning craps player even if you have never played the game!

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If you act right now you can get Ten Steps to Beat the Craps Game Free and download it instantly as part of the extraordinary Craps-Max Betting Winners' Package!



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Size does matter (we are talking about the size of your bankroll).

In this highly revealing manual, you get the information that gambling pros use to help neutralize the house edge. You’ll learn about –

Your Gambling Bankroll – What it is and how to use it to beat the casinos.

Using Session Bankrolls – The pros always use them. It’s time you found out how Session Bankrolls will help you win more consistently.

Creating and Profiting from Rolling Stop-Losses – This sounds like a mouthful. But knowing how to set and use a Rolling Stop-Loss will enable you to keep losses to a minimum and to keep playing safely when you are winning.

How to Use Game Bankrolls as a Profit Tool –
Setting up a Game Bankroll is another important tool you will use to help bring in consistent profits using the Craps-Max Betting Strategy.


Bonus # 3 Secrets of Slot Pros! (a $40.00 value)

Nothing was held back in putting together this revealing source of closely guarded insider tactics. This manual is filled with the special knowledge you must have to become a consistent winning slots player. You'll learn -

·         Where casino bosses place their loosest slots and a winning method you can use to beat them!

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·         How to play "jackpot" machines and win thousands - safely and easily!

·         A simple winning system that will put consistent winnings in your pocket - day after day!

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This Amazing Book reveals exactly how you can use your new slot skills to make the casino bosses sweat bullets! This is the cutting edge strategy you really must have if you want to turn the "one-armed bandits" into a powerful new source of income.



Bonus #4 – How to Play Craps Online Like a Pro! (a $20 Value) —

Most people don’t think of playing craps online.  However, our players have a proven track record of beating the online craps games and you’ll want to play online because of its convenience and high profitability.

This manual shows you how to play craps online so that you can quickly use online play as a source of sky-high profits you can grab whenever you want!


Bonus #5 – Las Vegas Craps Exposed! (a $40 Value)  

We started looking for a comprehensive directory of craps games in Las Vegas and we couldn't find one.  That's when we decided to put together our own Ultimate Craps Directory for Las Vegas.

If you want to know anything about the craps games offered by casino in Las Vegas and the surrounding area, we've got it here!

We include complete information about the craps games available in every casino including minimums, maximums, table odds, proposition bets and our insider notes and insights about the games.

Bonus #6 – The United States Casino Guide (a $40 Value)

You’ll get the names of the best US land-based casinos for craps play. Our select picks include casinos in –

·         Atlantic City

·         Chicago

·         Detroit

·         The Gulf Coast

·         Iowa

·         Lake Tahoe

·         Downtown Las Vegas

·         Locals’ Casinos in Las Vegas

·         Las Vegas Strip Casinos

·         Laughlin

·         Missouri

·         Native American casinos in the Midwest

·         Native American casinos in the Northeast

·         Native American casinos in the South and West

·         New Orleans

·         Reno

·         Shreveport-Bossier City

·         Indiana

·         Tunica and Vicksburg.

Plus, you’ll find out the best cruise lines for beatable craps games and our pick of the best Caribbean craps casino.

If you want to play and prosper at craps in a land-based casino, this is the number one guide showing exactly where you must play!


Bonus #7 –Craps-Max Betting Top Online Casinos (a $40 value)   

I contacted every one of our players and asked them to rate each of the online casinos where they played using Craps-Max Betting.

Our first and foremost criterion to be included on this exclusive list was profitability.  We have played in and won in each of these favorite online casinos.


But, there’s even more.  Besides being profitable, the casinos on this carefully chosen list are:  

·         Easy to work with.

·         Available to US players. 

·         Offer the best versions of craps. 

·         Reputable and have reputable software standing behind them.  

·         Easy to contact and are available 24/7.

These are the Same Casinos where we use the Craps-Max Betting Strategy to win thousands of dollars every week.  With this information, you will know exactly where to play online with the best chance of winning!



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This casino will become your number one choice of where to play and win at online craps. Here’s just some of what you’ll find when we share our number one pick 

This casino offers the best online odds for craps and is backed by one of the best online software companies.

You won’t find any online craps games that are fairer or that offer better odds of winning than these.

This casino offers no-hassle practice games. You don’t have to register or download anything, just click on your browser and start playing. And, you can always practice playing more, with no money risked, even after you start playing for real

This casino offers the best online support – bar none! Not only can you reach the casino personnel easily by email, they answer their phones quickly. And, here is a critical point – they don’t out-source their support. The in-house staff is knowledgeable and understands gambling and roulette.  I know you will appreciate the difference

This casino not only acceTT US players, it welcomes them. And, this casino is not in some third world country – it is headquartered in Canada. If you live in the US and are frustrated by restrictions on US customers – try this one.  I know you will like it.

You’ll get a 10% signup bonus when you decide to play here. And, there is no limit to the size of the bonus. If you want to deposit $10,000, you’ll get a $1,000 bonus. And, when you play craps using the Craps-Max Betting Strategy all of your play counts towards your earning your bonus. This is a straight-forward and out-and-out great bonus program.

The casino is full service. It offers the best of casino games and of course, superior craps.  But, it also has a world renowned sportsbook. And, if you like poker, you will love their online poker rooms. What’s more, one deposit and one account is all you need to participate in all of these activities.

I thought I would save the best for last. You can pick up $3,000 Free at this casino

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What’s More, Once You Become a Craps-Max Betting Pro You Will Be Able to Play and Win On Your Own Terms!  We’ll Show You –

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·        Where we play in Las Vegas. Las Vegas is a magical place for winning craps players and we’ll show you to become one of the top players even if you have never played craps before!

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Several of our online players win over $10,000 a week proving that Taking Down Online Craps is the perfect home-based business!  You’ll learn 

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Plus, You’ll Get a Complete Plan to Win $25,000 a Week Wherever You Play!


We don’t leave anything to chance in this Complete Winners Package.  You’ll also get a Step-by-Step plan to win $25,000 a week Taking Down Craps!  We’ll show you –  

  • How to win as much as $2,496 an hour playing online! 

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If You Need to Earn at Least $500 a Day, Then Craps-Max Play Is the Perfect Solution for You!


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·        You can gear your play to the amount of money you’d like to win.  If all you need is $500 a day, we’ll show you how to win this making small bets.  On the other hand, if you want to win from $5,000 to $7,000 every day this is the safest way ever devised to do this!


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Greg Fletcher


P.S.  I just got an email from George Stern.  He has been tearing up Las Vegas with this strategy.  The only thing he asks is that you not play at Caesars Palace as a professional courtesy to him.


P.P.S.  I’ve got one Complete Craps-Max Betting Package waiting for you including the fabulous Craps-Max Bet Controller.  I will show you exactly how to win just like the examples in this report.  Just give me Your Okay and you’ll have this terrific package in your hands in the next five minutes!

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