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Subject:  Using Cross Betting to Play Roulette as a Business


Dear Friend,

I hope you are sitting down.

I am going to tell you the incredible story of how an economist, looking for a way to forecast coal supply and manufacturing output, and a half crazy mathematician came up with a system that is taking the world of roulette by storm!

It wins by slicing the game into playable pieces and then beating the game – one piece at a time!

It is so effective that when you use it you will be favored to win every bet you make!

It’s called Cross Bet Roulette, and it is so good that I am almost afraid to release it.

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Hi. I’m Russell Hunter. I trade stocks and other securities as a profession although I now make more money off the casinos than I do trading.

An associate of mine, L.R., otherwise known as the “Mad Mathematician,” contacted me three months ago about a system he helped develop for an economist needing help with his forecasting model. I am not easily impressed but I have to tell you that this system is nothing short of amazing!

It uses a new approach to playing roulette that takes down the game one slice at a time.

It has been tested, verified and proven to win an unbelievable 99.5% of the time.

It is so deadly to roulette that it wins close to two out of every three bets!

Yet, it is so easy to use that I can teach you how to win with it in less than thirty minutes!


It’s called Cross Bet Roulette and it is so good that you can easily win $2,945 an hour as a five-dollar bettor!



The Incredible Power of Cross Betting!

Cross Bet Roulette breaks roulette into playable parts and then sets up bets that beat the parts!

Its power lies in its uncanny ability to set up high win rates and totally dominate the game of roulette!

The first time you experience the power of this system you may be a little in awe.

After all, no other practical roulette system wins as many bets as Cross Bet Roulette. When you try it you are going to find that it is the most relaxing way to play roulette ever created. There is something about winning bet after bet that takes away most of the fear of losing at gambling.


But, that’s exactly what Cross Bet Roulette does. It sets up powerful Sweep Bets that cover the majority of numbers on the roulette wheel. You will love winning two out of three bets!

But, there’s another incredible benefit of playing this way-


Sweep Bets Sets up Powerful Double Bonus Wins!

Cross Betting’s Sweep Bets put certain numbers in a Cross Fire. That means that when the roulette ball lands on them they payoff at twice the normal win rate!

For example, as a $1 bettor you can easily win $50 with a standard win with Cross Bet Roulette. If you hit a Double Win you’ll win $100 in a single round of play. And, with a Double Bonus Win you’ll pull in $200 in a single round of play!

These examples are based on making $1 bets. You’ll win five times as much when you move up to $5 play. At this level each Double Bonus Win is worth $1,000!


You can start to see why Cross Bet Roulette is so deadly to the casinos!

It gets the casino in a cross fire with every bet!

Each bet is favored to win!


Standard wins are enough to soundly beat the casino.

And Bonus Wins tear huge holes in the casino’s bankroll!

That’s why you’ll win an amazing $2,945 an hour making just $5 bets!

The system is just that powerful!



Reisman’s Dilemma

David Reisman had hit a road block in his research. His problem was trying to forecast the effects of changes in the U.S. Coal supply on the country’s manufacturing output.

He had been using linear algebraic models to mimic the dynamics of coal and manufacturing output. He was doing everything the right way, but he wasn’t satisfied with the results. Talking to other economists was not proving very helpful. They all had similar backgrounds and suggested he tweak his approach or change the inputs or remodel his outcomes. To him all of these suggestions amounted to doing the same thing over and over and expecting different results. He decided he needed to talk to someone outside of his field.

He called a number of contacts and finally found one he thought was promising. L.R. is a adjunct professor of mathematics who specializes in applying probability theory to practical problems.  Reisman contacted L.R. right after he and I had wrapped up a successful project developing a new way to play blackjack. Now he was confronted with a totally different problem that of making economic predictions.

Reisman met with L.R. and described his issues with using lineal algebra to deal with coal-manufacturing production issues. L.R. understood his difficulties and agreed to try to help him.



L.R. Suggests Using Roulette Outcomes to Predict Changes in Manufacturing Reacting to Coal Production Changes

L.R. set up a meeting with Reisman the following week.  He wasted no time in getting to the point.

“I think that your Lineal Algebraic Model is creating problems where they don’t exist.”

Reisman leaned forward intently. “What do you mean?”

L.R. explained that while the approach could handle hundreds of different combinations of outcomes this was actually causing more problems than it was solving.


“Look here,” L.R. pointed out. “You are trying to handle a reduction in coal production and manufacturing output as two separate problems.”

“What’s wrong with that?” Reisman countered.

“Nothing except that you are not making enough of an allowance for coal substitutes like natural gas. Your model is muddling the outcome.”


Reisman was a little shocked at what he was hearing but was open-minded. L.R. went on to explain that he believed that game theory might work better at coming up with favorable predictions.

L.R. showed him his proposed structure for change.

“We really only need to evaluate nine different outcomes.  We’ll call the outcomes Favorable and Unfavorable.

“And, we will assume that the outcome of Favorable-Favorable is a strong plus.

”Favorable-Unfavorable is still positive and only

“Unfavorable-Unfavorable is a negative trend.”

Reisman continued to listen as L.R. bought out a small roulette wheel and a roulette layout.  He placed the roulette layout on the table, set up the wheel and announced, “Now we’re ready to show how you, or rather manufacturing output, can win on two out of three outcomes.”



The Roulette Wheel's Approach to Predicting Manufacturing Growth

Reisman couldn’t believe what he was seeing. Here he was, a serious economist watching a mathematics professor spin a roulette wheel and explain how this could help predict changes in manufacturing output.

As he watched, he began to understand as L.R. continued his explanation.

“You can test nine different combinations of factors in manufacturing output with these bets.”


L.R. placed his bets and spun the wheel.  “You can see how we can have up to nine different outcomes affecting our bets.”

He demonstrated by moving his bets around. “You will notice that we will win in six out of the nine outcomes. This helps us explore the probable outcomes where we consider two out of three outcomes to be favorable.”

He continued to play. As he played he demonstrated a simple way of predicting each outcome and continued to explain.


Reisman found his mind drifting. He had never played roulette, at least not for money, and he became fascinated by how L.R.’s simple betting scheme was winning two out of three bets.

He asked L.R. if he had written the system down. L.R. handled him a page of notes.  “It’s all here. You can see how to plug manufacturing output questions into the roulette bets and simulate outcomes.”

Reisman studied the betting rules. “Can I take this?”

“Sure.” L.R. responded.


Reisman had one more request. “I think I would like to try this for myself. Do you have any recommendations where I can play roulette?”

L.R. looked at him kind of funny, shrugged and wrote down the URL for his favorite online casino.

“Try the roulette here. You can practice on a European single-zero wheel with no obligation to play with real money.”

Reisman’s eyes narrowed. “And, if I decide to make some real bets. How can I do that?”

L.R. explained.

Reisman walked out still looking at the betting rules.

L.R. wondered if Reisman might have something besides the U.S. coal supply on his mind.



Reisman’s First Evening Playing Roulette

Reisman logged on to the web site L.R. had recommended. Right away he found the screen for European Roulette and started making bets. The casino made it very easy for him to play and they displayed the numbers that had shown and even kept track of his playing bankroll.

He quickly found that L.R.’s model for predicting where to bet needed some adjustments. Reisman worked out a simple model for changing the bet amounts based on outcomes.

He grabbed a legal pad, wrote down his betting plan and started playing online.


He was fifteen minutes into his first game when he decided that he needed a break.  He had more than doubled his bankroll which he thought might be a pretty good result. (Later on when he presented his system to gambling experts he learned that this was wonderful performance.)

He stopped his first game and wrote down his results. He took a break, looked at his win again and reviewed his betting formula again. “I think I need to change this and perhaps modify this.”

He made the changes and played again. Once again he had a win. This time he won $168 in fifteen minutes. He compared this to the amount of money he had risked – just $170. He had almost doubled his bankroll again.


Reisman continued to play, record his results and then analyze what had happened.  Before he realized it, it was after midnight and he had filled up most of the pages of a legal pad with his play.

He had won $2,387 just breaking his system in.

He was almost too excited to go to sleep. As he finally drifted off his thoughts were a long way from thinking about coal supplies and manufacturing output. He was thinking about how he could easily step up his winnings with this system!



L.R. and Reisman Plan a Trip to Las Vegas

Reisman contacted L.R. the next day and shared his online experience. This was old hat to L.R. who regularly plays and wins online. But for Reisman it was something new and very exciting.

“You know I have never gambled before. It seemed too dangerous, too frivolous.”

L.R. nodded. “It still is dangerous.  The casino has all the advantages. They’ve got the bankroll, the . . . “

Reisman interrupted. “Do you think this would work in Las Vegas?”

L.R. thought for a moment and then said, “Probably. If it works online it should work in Las Vegas.”


Reisman came back. “I was just thinking. I’ve been invited to a conference in Las Vegas. I’ve never attended a conference there before. I always thought they might be too, too . .”

“Frivolous is the word you want. I’ve been there for conferences and they actually get some work done. But, you’re not really interested in the conference are you?”

Reisman blinked. “Probably not.” He seemed disappointed. “But do you think I could go even if I didn’t attend any meetings?”

“Sounds like a plan. I recommend playing during the middle of the week. Less crowded and better playing conditions.”


Reisman came back. “There’s one more thing. Would you like to go with me? I hate to confess this but I’ve never played in a casino. I was thinking that maybe you could show me around.”

L.R. said, “Let me check my schedule.  Classes will be out in two weeks and that would be a good time to travel.”


Playing at the M Resort

L.R. and I stayed at the M Resort in Henderson, Nevada, a couple of trips ago when we were testing a system on the Las Vegas Strip. L.R. remembered the place and liked it so he made reservations for them there.

Their plane landed at McCarran International Airport. They picked up a rental car and headed south.


As they left Las Vegas, Reisman commented that it looked like they were heading out into the middle of nowhere.”

L.R. retorted, “It’s sort of like that. They call it Henderson though.”

Once they pulled up to the front of the M Resort Reisman relaxed. “This place is really nice. I guess it’s costing a fortune, huh?”


L.R. had a chance a show off and he took it. “Not really.  I’ve got a comp for the rooms from my last trip.”

“A comp?” 

“Free rooms for two nights. We’ve got two suites waiting for us. We should have a bottle of Champaign waiting as well.”

They arrived mid-afternoon and L.R. suggested they practice the system in his room. They each had a laptop and they logged on to their favorite online casinos and started playing.

L.R. handed Reisman a Tracking Form. “Use this when you play. It makes playing a lot easier.”

He also pulled out a set of pocket-sized cards. “These are your betting cards. I had them made up. There’s one card for every bet level from $1 to $500.


Reisman looked at the cards. He seemed especially intrigued with the higher betting level cards. He held up the card for $200 bets.

“You don’t think we’ll actually be making bets this large do you?”

L.R., who was relishing his role of being the senior player for a change, gave him a wolfish grin.

“We may be making even larger bets than that.”  He went on to explain his betting plan.


“We’ll start here at the M Resort. Besides being a pretty place it also offers the perfect roulette game for us to start with.”

L.R. explained that the M offered single-zero roulette with $10 minimum bets. “Since it’s the best version of roulette, single-zero wheels accepting lower bets are getting hard to find in Las Vegas. I’ve laid out our trip plan. We’ll start by playing here tonight. If your system holds up we’ll be on our way to playing at Aria tomorrow.”

They had dinner at Anthony’s Prime Steak and Seafood. However, they limited their drinks to one glass of wine each. L.R. reminded Reisman, “After dinner we get to take on the house here.”


The M Resort Offers Its Challenges But Rewards Too!

After dinner they walked around the casino and found two likely roulette wheels. L.R. explained the plan.

“You play over here. I’ll play on the other wheel. If you need to take a break just color up and walk over to my table. Otherwise we’ll play about an hour and then meet in the coffee shop.”

“Color up? What’s that?” L.R. explained the whole procedure of ending a session by placing your chips on the table and asking the dealer to color them up, which meant reducing the win to a smaller number of higher-valued chips which would be easier to carry around.

L.R. walked Reisman to the table. Reisman peeked at his player card and then sort of hid it. “You can use the card. They don’t care.” L.R. smiled at the dealer who responded with a quick jerk of the head.

L.R. left Reisman and he started playing. He told the dealer he had never played before. She offered him the special colored roulette chips. He told her where he would be betting and she okayed him using regular casino chips.

He set his bets up and the game was on. He got a win his first bet. The dealer picked up his losing chips but placed a nice win next to his winning bet. She explained, “You’ve got to pick them up.” He did and then set up the second round of bets.


Within five minutes he had gotten used to playing. Within ten minutes he was playing like a pro.  Even though he knew the bets he found is handy to occasionally look at his betting card. 

He took L.R.’s advice and kept his winning chips in a separate pile.  This stack of chips kept getting larger and larger.

The system kept him busy with its frequent wins. Since it wins two-thirds of all bets, he picked up winning chips nearly every round of play.

He had just gotten to the point of talking to the dealer some when he looked up and saw L.R. “Is there something wrong.” L.R. just looked at his wrist and tapped it. “Time for a break.”

Reisman remembered to stack his chips up and slide them toward the dealer. “I need for you to color me up please.”


Hour Two – The Move Up to $20 Betting!

Neither one of them felt like they needed much of a break. They walked out to the pool which glistened under the combination of the moon and casino lights and then walked back in.

In their first hour of play Reisman had won $1,057. L.R’s win was a little less at $947. L.R. seemed pleased.

“We did very well at the $10 betting level. Let’s try some $20 bets.”

They each pulled out their betting cards for $20 betting. They decided to switch tables just for variety.


Reisman sat down and exchanged cash for chips. This dealer was much friendlier than his first dealer. She introduced herself as Cathy and then started comparing the weather in Las Vegas to her home near San Luis Obispo, California

Reisman set up his first bet. It didn’t win but the next round he had a Double Bonus Win. Cathy smiled and placed his winning chips on the table.

Reisman, who was normally pretty shy, started talking to Cathy. He thought of her as Chatty Cathy because she seldom stopped talking. She was now talking about weird players she had experienced over the years.

Reisman had just won another bet when a woman sat down and placed her cash on the table. Cathy was in the middle of paying out winnings and told the woman she would be with her in a jiffy.


Before Reisman could pick up his winnings the woman grabbed them. Cathy politely told her that the chips belonged to Reisman.  The woman insisted that the chips were hers since she had placed her cash on the table.

Reisman sat back and watched. Cathy stayed calm and professional while the woman turned red and looked like she was ready to explode.

A floorman came over. He explained that Cathy had acted correctly paying off the winning bets before giving chips to the new player. He pointed out that her cash was still on the table and that she would not receive chips until the dealer had counted it and dropped in the drop-box.

She finally agreed with much muttering and placed the chips back on the table. Reisman picked them up, smiled at the woman and wished her good luck playing. She glared and grumbled.

Cathy got quiet. The new player had spoiled the mood of the table. A few plays later she tried to pick up Reisman’s winning chips again. This time there was no hesitation on Cathy’s part. She snapped her fingers and two bosses and a security guard came to the table. They politely told the woman that her play was no longer welcome and the guard escorted her out. By this point she was screaming as loud as possible so that the whole casino could enjoy her exit.

Reisman asked Cathy where the woman would go on her list of difficult players.

Cathy smiled, her good mood returning. “She’s not the worst. The worst threw up all over the table and then wanted to continue playing. But, this one’s definitely a contender.”


Reisman focused on his play again. Twenty-dollar betting was working very well. He now had four $500-valued chips in his win stack. He tipped Cathy $100. She gave a little bow and told him if he wanted a dance it would cost $500.

Reisman checked the time glancing at his cell phone. He had played for another hour. It was time to check with L.R.


Reisman colored up and walked over to L.R.’s table. L.R. was seated next to a very pretty thirtyish blonde and they seemed to be having a great time playing together. He looked up at Reisman, pulled out his mobile phone and entered something into it. He looked up, “We’ve agreed to communicate. I’ve got her number.”

This time they decided to take a break in the Vig Deli. They found a table and compared notes.

Reisman had won another $2,384 at the $20 betting level.

L.R. had pulled in a $2,581 win.


They enjoyed a couple of deli sandwiches and chips. They decided to play one more session.

“This will be a big one,” said L.R. “We’re going to move up to $30 betting!”



The M Resort Take Down!

As they walked back into the casino they were each studying their betting cards. The card showed them the bets they would make, the bankroll needed and suggested Target Wins.


Reisman stuck the card back in his pocket and put his cash on the table. He looked around for a minute.

Cathy greeted him. “Don’t worry. She’s still gone. Do you want to hear about the time I got lost in Yellowstone?”

Reisman played and Cathy entertained him. What amazed him was that he could listen and talk to her and not miss a beat with his betting. Whenever his concentration was a little off he would glance at his betting card.

Cathy commented. “You’re doing pretty good with your system. It’s a bit unusual but it really seems to work.”


A boss came over and watched Reisman play for a while. By now he had three $500 chips in his win stack.  The boss asked Reisman where he was staying and he told them he was staying with them. The boss seemed to like that and said, “We’d like you to come back so I’m comping you for two free nights.” He laid the comp form on the table.

Reisman thanked him but was puzzled. He was winning like crazy. Why would the boss want him to come back? L.R. later explained that the casino wants to keep the player playing as long as possible with the idea that the house games will eventually grind them down and the casino will recoup any losses to the player.


Reisman had just won another large bet. Cathy placed a pile of winning chips next to his bet. He flipped a $25 chip to her and she thanked him.

Reisman decided to wrap it up. He had over $3,000 in his win pile. He had played another hour. It was time to take a break and meet L.R.

He walked over to L.R.’s table. L.R. was no where to be found. The dealer told him that L.R. and his friend had headed for the casino café.

Reisman cashed in his chips at the cashier and walked to the café. L.R. and his new friend were sitting at a corner table eating banana cream pie and laughing at something they found outrageously funny. They clammed up when Reisman walked up.

“Am I interrupting?” he asked.

L.R. shook his head. “Have a seat. By the way, this is Sheila.”


M Resort – A Wrap!

They met in L.R.s room for a short meeting. L.R. was in a hurry as Sheila was waiting for him downstairs.  Here’s how their play at the M Resort turned out:


Resiman’s Roulette at the M Resort

Play Level and Time




$10 – 1 Hour




$20 – 1 Hour




$30 – 1 Hour








Reisman felt pretty good though it took him a long time to go to sleep. He kept dreaming that he was playing roulette and couldn’t remember what he was supposed to do. He woke up, played a quick winning game online and then slept soundly.



Aria - $25 to $45 Bets!

Reisman was left on his own the next morning. He took a cab to the Las Vegas Strip and had the driver just show him around the Strip.

The crowds were already forming even though it was still just mid-morning. Reisman played tourist for a while walking around City Center. He had lunch at the Aria Café and was strolling the grounds when he got a call from L.R.

“It’s time to go to work. We can meet at Aria.”

Reisman responded. “I’m here. Should I start without you?”

L.R. ignored the comment and suggested they meet at the Aria Café.

L.R. explained why it was important to spread their play around. “We’ve won quite a bit of money from the M Resort. There is no need to rub it in. Besides Aria offers single-zero wheels with $25 minimums. It is important that we don’t play too long in one place and get pegged as undesirables.”


Reisman was a little taken aback. He hadn’t thought of getting casino heat. That was supposed to be for blackjack players. He asked L.R. about it.

“It’s pretty simple. As nice as they may be at times the casinos don’t like winners. They don’t believe that the roulette game can be beaten, but that doesn’t mean they have to accept losing.”

“But if we are beating them fairly, doesn’t that count for something?”

L.R. looked at him funny. “They don’t like being beaten fairly, unfairly or anything in between. Come on let’s find some tables.


Reisman sat down at a table offering European Roulette with a single-zero wheel. His dealer seemed kind of cold and professional. He bought in, told her why he wanted to play with casino chips instead of roulette chips and started playing.

Once he was playing the good feeling came back. He started out making $25 bets. At this level his winnings grew very fast.

He appreciated the leverage of using a system that won two-thirds of all bets. His dealer commented on his “fast winning system” with some admiration. That broke the ice. He started tipping her as his winnings built.


He took a break after his first hour of play. He and L.R. compared notes. Reisman had won $2,686 and L.R.’s win was $2,478.

They switched tables and moved up to $40 bets for their next session. As they walked back to the table Reisman studied his betting card. Forty-dollar betting was a little different and he wanted to make sure he understood the bets before he started playing.

Reisman exchanged cash for chips and started his play as a $40 bettor.  This was a pretty exciting level. L.R. had explained that they should win at least $4,000 an hour at this level.


The chips in Reisman’s win stack grew very quickly. Before he knew it another session had gone by.

He and L.R. met at the cashier’s window and compared notes.

Reisman had won $5,048 as a $40 bettor. L.R. was $5,189 richer. They decided to take a dinner break at Carbone’s which is a glam Italian restaurant with a retro feel.



Aria – An Hour of “Pretty Pleasant Work!”

After a great meal they walked around City Center before going back to play. They had limited themselves to a glass of wine each but Reisman still had a heavy bloated feeling after such a large meal.


They walked back in the casino. They had worked out the plan for the final session sitting in the restaurant – they would move up to $75 betting.

L.R. explained the logic. “This will be our last session at Aria. We might as well hit them big before we take on Caesars Palace tomorrow.”

Reisman asked, “Why $75 betting? Why not $100? It would be easier to set up our bets at that level.”

“True, but we are managing our money. I don’t feel safe playing at that level. We have to be prepared for a loss at any time.”

“I get it. You’re getting cautious.”


L.R. didn’t seem to like the term cautious. “I like to think of it as smart play. The casino has a thousand weapons to take your money. You’ve just got your wits and your bankroll.”

Reisman thought for a minute. “And the system. It seems to me that you are lost without the system.”

L.R. agreed. “Let’s go play some roulette!


Reisman played in the main casino at a $25 minimum European Roulette table. L.R. headed for the high-bet limit room which had another European wheel. The plan was to check in after an hour’s play and make a final decision on when to end the session.

Reisman bought in, got his chips and started his play at the $75 bet level. “A little weird he thought,” but then quickly got into the rhythm of play.


At this level he started getting paid with $1,000-valued chips, the first time he had ever received such a chip. He asked the dealer if this was the highest valued chip.

“Oh no, we have $5,000 and $10,000 valued chips. And, in some games they will bring in $100,000-valued chips.”

“So I’m not really a big fish for you people am I?”

She smiled. “You’re not a whale. That’s what we call big players. But you are sort of a mid-sized fish. We still like your play.”


After an hour had gone by Reisman took a break and called L.R. “I’m up about $8,000. Do we keep playing?”

L.R. told him. “It’s up to you. I’m doing good too and I feel like playing some more.”  Reisman decided to put in another hour or so of play.  After all it was pretty pleasant work!


Aria – The Finale!

Reisman’s chips were waiting for him at the table. He resumed play still amazed at the size of some of his wins.  

Fifteen minutes into this session he hit a double win on a mid-sized bet. The dealer placed six thousand-dollar chips on the table. “These are for you.”

From the casino’s viewpoint he might not be a whale but this was bigger than anything he had ever experienced.

He rearranged his win stack and kept on playing. Finally after his winnings were spread out in three tall stacks of chips he decided to take a break.  He called L.R. and they decided to meet in the coffee shop.

They got some coffee and sweet rolls and L.R. prepared a summary of play at Aria. Here’s how they did:

Reisman’s Roulette at Aria

Play Level and Time




$25 – 1 Hour




$40 – 1 Hour




$75 – 2 Hours









Reisman studied the figures. “I can’t believe we won almost $50,000 today.

L.R. seemed a little down. Reisman asked him why.

“I know that I should be thrilled but I think your system is beating my best system.” He reached over and grabbed his hand. “Congrats old man.”


Caesars Palace – A Preview

L.R. had plans the next morning with Sheila. Reisman decided to ride the monorail and get off at as many stops as he could.

He found that on the Las Vegas Strip one giant casino hotel sort of blended into another. He spent some time in the Caesars Palace area of the Strip. Caesars Palace sits on the west side of the Las Vegas Strip between Bellagio and The Mirage. It is one of the largest and most prestigious casino hotels in the world.

It has been closely associated with the entertainment industry and such entertainers as Frank Sinatra, Sammy Davis Jr., Dean Martin, Rod Stewart, not to mention Cher and Elton John have performed there. Reisman walked around the casino taking in the giant statutes and finished off his tour sitting in a sidewalk café in The Forum Shops attached to Caesars Palace. “People watching” there is fabulous and being a newcomer he found the variety of people most amazing.

As a couple walked by wearing what looked like outfits made out of duck feathers he thought, “I must not get out enough. I never see people that look like this.”


L.R. called and suggested that they meet in the Stripside Café and Bar. It took Reisman a while to find it and finally one of the casino people walking around dressed like a Roman Centurion gave him directions.

L.R. was sitting there with Sheila and another girl who looked like she might have seen better times in some other life.

As they talked Reisman got the idea that the new girl, Darla, was supposed to hang out with him. He was friendly but not very interested in spending the afternoon with Darla. The girls took a break and he told L.R. how he felt. “Don’t worry,” L.R.  said. They can hang out with me.

The problem was seemingly solved when the women returned and decided that they would spend the afternoon shopping.

As they headed toward the casino. L.R. reiterated, “Remember the plan. We play at the $100 level for an hour, take a break and then decide if we want to go to the $200 level.”


Reisman found a single-zero wheel accepting $100 minimum bets. He sat down and got ready to play.

The dealer was very friendly with a neutral mid-west accent. She confessed she was a Nebraska girl originally and came out west with a girl friend. They landed in L.A and after a few years of what she called “hard waitressing” she moved to Las Vegas and took up dealing.

Reisman’s play was going very well. Some of the bets at the $100 betting level got pretty large, but by this point he was making wagers he wouldn’t have dreamed of making before taking up roulette play. He almost gasped as he laid down a couple of $1,000 chips for a bet, then he took a couple of breathes and realized that $1,000 chips are not conceptually different than $5 chips. The key is to just play the system and not deviate.

He was rewarded that round with a very nice win which he added to his win stack. While his dealer, Monica, couldn’t compete with Chatty Cathy, she was still a great dealer and sort of became his silent cheerleader. Of course, Reisman thought, “It doesn’t hurt that I am tipping her $25 and $100 chips either.”

He checked the time. An hour had passed since he started play. He glanced at his win stacks. Three stacks of chips with $100, $500 and several $1000 chips in them. He colored up, counted up and took a break. He met with L.R. who was now playing with both Sheila and Darla betting with him. Reisman noticed that “the girls” as L.R. called them were mimicking L.R.’s bet so that there were three players pulling in wins using Reisman’s System. This struck him as not very wise but we wasn’t sure exactly why.

L.R. and the girls took a break and they all walked to the Mesa Grill for some Margaritas and chips. L.R. had won $8,893 but Reisman wondered how much had gone to his companions. “No matter he thought. The system is not only holding up it’s killing Caesars Palace.”


Caesars Palace – The $200 Betting Assault!

Reisman returned to the same table. Monica greeted him warmly. He did the usual routine, plunking down cash on the table. At this point he was buying in for a healthy sum of money. He had second thoughts about playing with so much money then remembered how he had felt the same way making $10 bets when he first started playing. He decided to continue play and take a break in an hour.  

If $100 betting had been exciting, $200 betting was almost fearfully exciting. In one round he was rewarded with a win of $8,000. He added this win to his win stack, wiped his brow and continued play.

His confidence returned as he played longer. Monica told him that his system was fascinating and that a couple of her bosses were interested in what he was doing. Sure enough, Reisman noticed a couple of bosses watching him.

He asked Monica why they were watching him. “It’s because of the size of your bets. And,” she added, “It’s because you are winning. We don’t see many big winners at roulette.”

The bosses made him a little nervous but he kept on playing. He thought, “What can they do? They might ask me to quit playing, but this isn’t the good ol’ days when they would take a player out in the alley and beat him to a pulp.”

Reisman shivered at the thought of being taken out back. He checked his watch. He had played for 55 minutes. “Close enough,” he thought. He pushed his chips in. “Color me up, please.”


Monica obliged and he tipped her another $200. The bosses were still watching him and he felt a little spooked.

He found L.R. and this time he was playing alone. “Where are your co-players?” Reisman asked.

L.R. shrugged as he picked up his winnings from his last bet.

They pulled off and compared notes:


Reisman had won another $19,371. L.R. had pulled in $21,893. Reisman felt a little shaky. “Maybe we ought to quit. We’ve really done well.”

L.R. told him he could quit if he wanted. However L.R. was anxious to try $300 bets before quitting.

He explained, “This place is used to high-rollers. We can get away with play here they wouldn’t tolerate in other places. I want to see what one more hour with $300 minimum bets will do.”


The Grand Finale at Caesars – A Triumph and a Banning!

They decided to change tables. Reisman was nervous about the bosses watching his play. L.R. suggested he play in the high-limit room. Meanwhile L.R. was willing to try his play on the main floor at the high-limit roulette table.

Reisman felt a little funny walking into the high-limit area. “This is the domain of millionaires,” he thought. Then he gulped and realized that he could quickly become a member of this group.

He found the high-limit European wheel. There were two players there. An Englishman sat to his right and invited Reisman to sit down. “Taking a break from baccarat. I find roulette relaxing. Of course, this game is not for serious play like baccarat.”

Reisman mumbled something about roulette being quite profitable and looked at the other player.  He was a small almost hairless Asian man who simply nodded and then stared down at his chips.

Reisman’s buy-in was noted. “A large amount of cash to be carrying around, sir.” Reisman didn’t know that most high-limit players play off markers and that it was actually a little unusual to see a player plunk a stack of $100 bills on the table.

The dealer reassured him. “We are old fashioned here, honey. We still accept cash.”


Reisman wondered if the other players thought he was a rube. He straightened up and reflected on an important difference between him and the other players. He had a winning system that was holding up in the toughest gambling destination in the world. He thought he would see how his fellow players did. “Just a little scientific observation,” he chuckled to himself.

He started betting. He referred to this betting card several times until he became more comfortable playing at this level.

Many of his payoffs now included $1000 chips and he noticed that there were $5,000 chips on the table. He wondered if he would get one of those at this level of play.


About fifteen minutes after starting to play, the Englishmen excused himself. He only had a few chips left which he used to tip the dealer.  He exclaimed, “Cheerio, chaps,” as he walked off.

Reisman noticed the Asian. He was doing some kind of routine where he kept clicking his chips together before making bets. He usually scattered chips all over the roulette layout and kept the dealer busy.

In contrast Reisman continued to use his same betting system following the bets called for at this playing level.

He was scooping up another win when the Asian sort of slumped and then gave the table a small bow, cashed in and left.

He had left without leaving a single sou in tips.


The dealer, nonplussed, continued to deal professionally and Reisnam thought kind of dully.  “What the hell,” he thought. “I’m not doing this to have fun. I’m doing this to test a system.”

However, he knew that what he was doing was more than just testing a way to play. He had opened up a whole new way of life that was so far removed from university life that conducting economic studies now seemed a little quaint.


Reisman checked the time. Exactly one hour had passed. He cashed in and went directly to the cashier’s window. He exchanged his chips for cash. He had won another $23,928 in his final session. He decided that he was carrying way too much cash. He turned in most of his cash and had the casino issue a check to him. He felt a lot safer walking around with the check than he had with the cash.

He was starting to relax now. There is a certain amount of pressure gambling and now he felt a little relief that it was over. He noticed a commotion in the roulette pit on the main casino floor.


L.R. was seated at a table where two women were going at each other tooth and nail. Darla had Sheila by the hair and was attempting to bang her head on the table. L.R. stood up and grabbed Darla.  The dealer had backed away from the table and chips were flying everywhere. Some kind of alarm went off and security people came running in from three different directions. By now Sheila had the upper hand and was trying to gouge out Darla’s left eye.

Reisman walked up just as three burly security men grabbed the women and pulled them apart. L.R. was trying to pick up his chips and a floorman had told him to hold off. “The chips are scattered sir. We’ll figure it out. "

L.R. joined Reisman and watched as Sheila and Darla were escorted out. L.R. asked the nearest floorman, “What happens now?”

“First we get them out of here. We’ve notified the local cops who will pick them up at the door.” He told L.R. to wait for a moment. L.R. wasn’t about to leave as he hadn’t retrieved his chips.


L.R. and Reisman stood there as the chips were sorted into different piles. A casino boss came over. “We’ve got your chips here, sir. We are going to hold the ladies’ chips in the cage. Once they’re released from jail they can pick them up.”

L.R. asked, “Is that it then?”

“Not quite. You and your lady friends made quite a spectacle. We really don’t need that kind of action. We are going to ask you not to play here anymore.”

As we walked to the cashier L.R. seemed a little shaken up. He had won $25,539 in his last session. His lady friends had probably won nearly as much, as they were mimicking his bets.

As they walked out, L.R. said, “I never should have included Darla in the game.”

Reisman thought of Sheila trying her best to remove Darla’s left eyeball and thought that maybe he had erred with Sheila as well.


A Trip to Remember!

They were quiet when they drove back to the M Resort. They went to L.R’s room and Reisman grabbed a miniature Jack Daniels from the frig. L.R. spent a few minutes updating their play. Finally, he invited Reisman to see how they did.


The Trip Summary

By Location




M Resort








Caesars Palace









Reisaman almost couldn’t believe it. He had Caesar’s check for $80,000 in his pocket. His wallet was still filled with hundred dollar bills.

L.R. had a bank deposit bag filled with hundred dollar bills. They sort of looked at each other and sighed.

Reisman was almost overcome with all kinds of emotions about playing what L.R. was now calling the Cross Bet Roulette System.

L.R. was also subdued. “I think I kind of miss Sheila.”

Reisman replied, “Maybe you ought to think that option out a little more.”

L.R. finished his drink. “I think I’ll just hit the sack. We have to fly home tomorrow.



Why Cross Bet Roulette Wins So Easily!

Cross Bet Roulette breaks roulette into slices.

Then it sets up bets for different slices of the roulette wheel.

You might think of it as “Slicing and Dicing” your way to success!

Each time the roulette wheel spins the system reacts and slices the game into beatable slices! It’s fast, easy and wins like crazy!

Each Bet Slice covers the numbers most likely to hit. These bets are so strong that each set of Cross Bet slices is favored over the house.


Here’s another way of saying this –

Once you slice the game into beatable slices you will have an advantage over the house.


Here’s why –

Each set of bets has a 55% chance of winning. A 50-50 shot is an even-chance of winning, like flipping a coin.  With Bet Slicing you will have a 55-45 chance of winning on each bet.  This is like flipping a coin that comes up more times in your favor!


If you think you’d win a lot having a “loaded coin” then you can imagine what happens when you “load” the roulette game in your favor.

You will win just about all of the time. We’ve calculated your chance of losing. It’s about one in 200. That’s it!  Another way of saying this is you will have a 99.5% Win Rate.

That’s very strong.

And, that’s why Cross Bet Roulette wins game after game without fail!



The Power of Double Bonus Wins!

Cross Bet Roulette zeros in on high probability winning numbers by slicing the roulette game into beatable pieces. That’s the essence of the system.

But, something else happens as well. In targeting numbers likely to hit some numbers get targeted more than once.  That’s just the nature of the system. In order to slice the game into beatable parts, there is a degree of bet overlapping.  And, herein lies the secret of Double Bonus Wins!

Inevitably, as you play you are going to hit on overlapping bet slices.  And when you do, you will get a much larger win!

We call these wins Double Bonus Wins. While you don’t need them to win, they automatically multiple your winnings!


Here’s why –

Double Bonus Wins are very high compared to the size of your base bets.


Here’re some examples –

If you are a $1 bettor, you’ll hit Double Bonus Wins as high as $200. And, that’s on a single spin of the wheel!

As a $2 bettor, you can pick up $400 Double Bonus wins!

With $5 betting you’ll hit Double Bonus wins as high as $1,000!

As a $25 bettor, your Double Bonus wins will be as high $5,000 per round of play!

And, as a $100 player, you can hit $20,000 Double Bonus Wins in a single round of play!


It’s like being paid extra to be a winner!  And, that’s sweet at any level of play!



Start Small, Win Big!

A number of years ago I was reading a book about becoming a blackjack pro.  I was doing just fine with the idea of learning to count cards, practicing day after day and week after week and then I got to the section on bankroll.  It read something like this:

“While you can get started with a bankroll as low as $25,000, $50,000 is recommended and if you are really serious you really need a bankroll of $100,000.”


I was really serious but the idea of playing with $25,000, let alone, $100,000, seemed ridiculous.  I thought –

“If this system is so damned good why do you need such a huge bankroll?”

I have pretty well felt that way ever since. “If a system is really good you shouldn’t need a ton of money to get started.”

That’s another reason I like Cross Bet Roulette.  While you can win huge amounts betting big you don’t have to start out with a lot of money.

You can get started online with just $85. That’s about what a dinner for two costs in a nice restaurant.   



Here’s What You Get for Your Money –

With just $85 you can start out as a $1 bettor online. Does $1 bettor seem kind of low to you? Don’t worry. You’ll do just fine at this level. In fact, once you get up to speed you’ll average winning about $589 an hour as a $1 bettor.

Feel bettor now?


And, I’ve got more good news for you. Start out with $1 betting and in less than half an hour you’ll win enough to move up to $2 betting.

Now, $2 betting is still pretty small but with Cross Bet Roulette the wins are pretty rich –

As a $2 bettor, playing online, you’ll win about $1,178 an hour!

You can start to see the pattern.


Play a little longer and you’ll have enough to move up to $5 betting.

And, here’s where I start to get excited!


As a $5 bettor, playing online, you’ll win $2,945 an hour!

This is not a misprint!  This is what you’ll win as a fairly fast online player.

Let’s say you want to take your time and just play about half speed.

You’ll still win about $1,500 an hour with Cross Bet Roulette!

And, that’s a hell of a return for your time and money!


Short Games and High Profits!

Winning with some systems is a long involved process.  Take stock trading for example. That’s what I do full time. I am basically a trend follower.  I follow where the market leads me. I don’t come into the market with preconceived ideas.  I just jump on my trades and then follow them like a rider on a bucking bronco.


Sometimes I have down days. I have even had down weeks and down months. I eventually win because the system I use is very good. But, my point is it may take me a while to set up a nice win.

The same kind of situation occurs with blackjack card counters. They are looking for a “winning opportunity” that may not occur that often.

Card counters often have down days. Down days can be followed by down weeks. They often have down months as well.

They have to keep playing. And waiting. For that elusive opportunity.

I know when I tried it; it just about drove me crazy.  That’s another reason I like Cross Bet Roulette so much.


Cross Bet Roulette is not a slow win system. Instead, it sets up super fast wins.  In long-term testing where we had players play until they hit preset Target Profits, the average game took just 19 spins of the wheel.

In a land-based casino it might take you 20 minutes to lock up a win.

Online, as a fast player, you will lock up a win in less than five minutes. If you take your time and sip on a cool drink as you play, it might take you eight or nine minutes to wrap up another winning game.


So, we are talking about from less than five minutes to about twenty minutes to hit a solid win with Cross Bet Roulette.

Think about it!  This fits my temperament much better than playing for days or weeks or even months to hit my Target Win!

In my book, fast wins come with a good system and Cross Bet Roulette is among the Best!


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where as max1957@aol or max1957 are INCORRECT)




Here’s Proof You’ll Win with Cross Bet Roulette!

After L.R. and Reisman’s extraordinary win in Las Vegas, L.R. shared the system with me. I was just blown away by it.

I tried it online. I turned $100 into $57,000 in less than a month.

I flew to Las Vegas for three days. I won $107,589 without playing all that hard.

Clearly Cross Bet Roulette is something extraordinary and wonderful.


L.R. and I decided to share the system with some of our associates. We contacted players we knew all over the world.

We had many players in the United States and Canada.

We also had players in the Caribbean, Latin and South America.

We had several players in the UK.

We had players in Germany, France and Italy.

We had players in South Africa, New Zealand and Australia.

And we had lots of players who played online.


We allowed them to use the system for free.  We only asked that they keep careful records of their play.

What we were doing was “validating the system.”

Some systems are only validated by computer simulations or by a single individual’s play.

I have always believed that a lot more than minimal play is needed to prove that a system is reliable for long-term play.

And, that’s exactly what we did.


We put our associates to work testing and verifying the long-term performance of Cross Bet Roulette.



We Played a Total of 11,726 Games Against Roulette Worldwide. Here’s What We Found –

We found when we turned Cross Bet Roulette against the roulette games of the world that –

  • It easily beat all versions of roulette.

  • It beat American double and single-zero wheels.

  • It simply walked all over single-zero European roulette.


And, it didn’t matter where we played.

  • We beat US casinos in California, Nevada, New Mexico, Missouri, Minnesota and Atlantic City.

  • We easily overcame the games in Mississippi, Louisiana, Iowa and Illinois!

  • We overwhelmed the games in Indiana and New York.


But we didn’t stop there!

  • Our players took down the roulette games in the UK, Germany and France.

  • They easily won in South Africa, Australia and New Zealand.

  • The roulette games in Costa Rica, Panama and Argentina fell to the power of Cross Bet Roulette!

  • And, our players made a killing playing online.



Many players played in both land-based and online games and the consensus was that online play was not only super easy but super profitable!

Most of our players used our Automatic Bet Tracker and they just loved it!


When we complied all of the play in all of the different situations and locations, here’s what we found –

Cross Bet Roulette soundly beat all of the versions of roulette!

In fact, it won a stunning 99.5% of the time!

The few times it lost were easily overcome.

In fact, losing is so rare you may use the system for weeks before you encounter even a single loss.



Rags to Riches with Cross Bet Roulette!

We kept track of all of our player’s games. We recorded where they played, the size of their bets, the length of their games and their wins and losses.  We also kept track of their winnings.  Here’s how they did –

If you had been a $1 bettor you would have won $375,518 playing all of our test games.

As a $5 bettor you would have won $1,877,590 helping us test the system.

If you had made $25 bets you would have won $9,387,950!

Just to be clear, these are net wins. These are the amounts won and removed from the casinos.  The bottom line baby!



Beating the Game Automatically!

Reisman and L.R. contacted me after their successful Las Vegas trip. I contacted a friend of mine who develops software and he came up with an amazing way to win at roulette.  

It’s called the Cross Bet Roulette Automatic Bet Tracker and here’s how it works –

Just set the Bet Tracker for your level of play before you start a game.  You can be making $1 bets, $2 bets, $5 bets or $100 bets.  The Bet Tracker works for all levels of play.

Now that the Bet Tracker is set start playing. The Bet Tracker will show you where to bet.

And it will tell you how much to bet.

All you have to do is place the bets.

It’s the slickest way to use Cross Bet Roulette to beat the game of roulette.  And it is included Free with every Cross Bet Roulette Winner’s Kit!



We Almost Decided to Keep This System for Ourselves!

Let’s be clear about one thing upfront.

We don’t need to sell this system in order to make money with it. With its extraordinary proven ability to win at roulette all we have to do is use the system ourselves.

After we finished validating it, that’s just about what we decided to do. Then L.R. contacted me.


L.R. distributed Cross Bet Roulette to several of his graduate students. He showed me an email from Len, working on a PhD in mathematics. It read:

“I want to tell you how much this roulette system has meant to me. I was just about ready to drop out of school because I am worrying about my growing student debt. My roulette winnings have given me the answer I needed –

“I can pay off all of my student loans, continue in school another year and start living life like a human being.

“I feel that I owe you a lot. You asked me if I thought we should share this system with anyone else and all I had to do is think about my circumstances.

“If Cross Bet Roulette can change another person’s life like it has mine then you should share this system with a few more people. To me it just seems like the right thing to do.”


After I read the email I looked at L.R. and he sort of shrugged and said, “It really is the right thing to do.”

We decided to share Cross Bet Roulette with just a few more players.



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You read how well we did on our Las Vegas Take Down Trip.  Now you can get the insider info you need to take down Las Vegas with Cross Bet Roulette!  

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We show you exactly how players just like you are winning $250,000 a year or more with Cross Bet Roulette! We’ll show you – 

  • How we use Cross Bet Roulette to bring in continuous windfall profits!

  • How to gain the full power of the Bet Slicing System!  

  • How to set up and follow a Winning Game Plan!

  • How to set and reach your Win Goals!  

  • The Best Low risk strategies to Pump up your bankroll!  

  • How to live the life of a Cross Bet Roulette Winner!


Special Extra Bonus #8 – Turn $85 into $100,000 in the Next Five Days! (an $80 Value)

You’ve read about L.R. and Reisman winning fabulous amounts in Las Vegas and online. You heard about how our test players won millions of dollars perfecting this system. In this revealing Win Plan we show you exactly how to win $100,000 your first week with Cross Bet Roulette.

You get two complete win plans, one for online play and one for land-based play.

You can start with as little as $85 and easily win $100,000 in five days.

This is the sort of play our most successful players have used to become roulette millionaires. Now we spill our guts and show you exactly how to do it!






The Cross Bet Roulette Winner’s Kit comes with a complete "No Questions Asked" One Year Guarantee. 

Instead of your typical 30-day money back guarantee, you have up to a year to use this strategy any way you want –

·         You can play roulette as a home-based business and easily set up from $10,000 to as much as $25,000 a week in 100% reliable profits.  

·         You can play roulette in any land-based casino and pull in huge profits, session after session!

·         You can vacation in Las Vegas, Atlantic City, London and Paris or take a cruise and easily pay for everything out of your roulette winnings.  

·         You are invited to use the strategy any way you like for a FULL YEAR.  


Now comes the truly amazing part of this No Nonsense Guarantee – 

If you don’t win at least $25,000 with Cross Bet Roulette, just email me and I’ll send you a complete refund!

I will stand behind this no matter how much you make off the strategy.   If you only make $24,999 please ask me for a refund. But, I’ll go one step further –

If you are ever unhappy with this strategy for any reason, just email me and I’ll send you a complete refund of your purchase price! I will stand behind Cross Bet Roulette 100%.


No one else offers a guarantee this strong!

I can do so because I know that once  you have this strategy, you won’t ever want to part with it.

I know that if you only give this extraordinary performer a chance, you will be delighted with the results.

If you are ever unhappy with this program for any reason, just let me know and I will make sure that you get a prompt and courteous refund!




This May Be Your Only Chance to Learn How to Play Roulette as a Mega-Profit Business!

Our players have proven that Cross Bet Roulette is an extraordinary 99.5% winner!

Right now our players are winning hundreds of thousands of dollars a day beating roulette games around the world!

We have decided to release a few more winner’s kits. In fact, if you act fast you can get your own Cross Bet Roulette Turnkey Winners’ Package at an 80% discount.



However, here’s the issue –

We are strictly limiting the number of Winner’s Kits to just 200 Kits. The next 25 Kits are available at a substantial discount.

We will stick to this limited release. Our main objective is to protect ourselves and our existing players. The only way we can do that is to severely restrict who gets access to this winning system.

If you Act Right Now you can still get your own Cross Bet Roulette Turnkey Winner’s Package!



With Cross Bet Roulette You Will Be Able to Play and Win on Your Own Terms!

If you like controlling your own fate, you will love this opportunity to make big money on your own terms. You’ll learn –

  • Where we play online. We’ll share the names and critical inside information on the casinos where you can play, win and get paid quickly with no hassles!  

  • Where we play in Las Vegas. You’ll learn where the best roulette games are and why we play there.  

  • How to get started with less than $100 invested and quickly move up to making $25,000 or more a week playing and winning at roulette!


Act Right Now and You’ll Get Everything You Need to Set Up Your Own High-Profit Business as a Roulette Pro for Less Than $100!

Many of our players have decided to turn “pro” and use roulette play as their main source of income!  You’ll get everything you need to turn pro and consistently win huge amounts of money playing roulette! You’ll learn –

  • How to turn online play into a reliable source of high profits (we’ll show you how to retire playing just five hours a week!)  

  • How to play roulette in your favorite land-based casino and easily win from $10,000 to $25,000 a week playing part time!  

  • Tricks of the trade. We’ll show you everything from how to get free casino rooms to how to set up your roulette play as a profitable business!


Plus, We’ll Give You a Complete Plan to Win $25,000 a Week!

Cross Bet Roulette is a perfected winning system. It has been tested, played and proven to perform (In fact we guarantee your performance!). We’ll show you how to easily win $25,000 a week or more playing roulette. You’ll learn

  • Where to play online to maximize your profits and minimize your hassles!  

  • How to overpower any roulette game with a system that always sets up winning bets!  

  • How to treat roulette play as a profitable business that you own and control!



If You Need a Permanent Solution to Your Financial Problems, This is It!

If you have been looking for a way to make big bucks quickly and safely this is it! Consider –

Cross Bet Roulette has been thoroughly tested against real casinos by real players and proven to work!  This is not just somebody’s opinion but pure fact!

You won’t need much money to put this system to work for you! Instead of having to risk thousands of dollars you’ll only need $85 to set up a reliable source of income!

If you have been looking for a way to bring in “extra money” there is no better way that learning how to win with Cross Bet Roulette! With
it’s proven system of always hitting winning numbers it is the lowest risk way of winning ever created!


It doesn’t matter whether you are just looking to make an extra $500 a day or want to win $5,000 a day or more. Cross Bet Roulette is the proven performer for consistent, dependable winnings!

Don’t delay a minute! This is a limited offer and once we hit our limit it will be permanently closed.  Now is the time to act!

Yours for turning roulette play into your own Unstoppable Profit Machine!

Russell Hunter


P.S.  The meter is running. You’ve got to act fast to get Cross Bet Roulette at just $99.97!  If you are among the next 25 orders you’ll get it all for just $99.97.

P.P.S. When you decide to try Cross Bet Roulette, all of the risk is on me. With my “no questions asked” $25,000 Guarantee you can try out this powerful system 100% Risk Free. If it isn’t everything I have said that it is or if you are unhappy for any reason, just email me and say, “I want my money back!” You’ll receive a prompt and courteous refund!

P.P.P.S. Still not convinced to try Cross Bet Roulette? The Video Course which comes with the Complete Winners’ Kit will remove any doubts. We’ll show you exactly how to win and keep on winning at any roulette game where you choose to play. Just give this amazing strategy a chance. I know you will love it just like our players do!






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