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Marshall V. – Dayton, Ohio


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From:  Martin J Silverthorne

Subject:  How to Use the Never Before Revealed Nine-Bet Roulette Strategy to Turn Roulette Into the Ultimate Cash Source!


Dear Friend,

I have never seen a more impressive system than Nine-Bet Roulette! 

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Matt C. – El Cajon, California

Nine-Bet Roulette is Like No Other System! 

Relying on two unique Attack Bets this system beats every version of roulette offered today.  And, it does it quickly, usually in just eight to twenty-one bets!

At its core is Match Betting which determines where you place two uniquely timed Attack Bets that quickly slice and dice any roulette game!

Then it adds the power of Strike-Recovery Betting – a bet sizing system designed to automatically bet the right amounts at the right times!

Nine-Bet Roulette uses Nine Attack Bets to Beat Every Version of Roulette Played Today!

Here is Some of What You Can Expect Once You Learn this Cutting Edge Strategy –

  • You will be able to start out as a $2 bettor and instantly be making $4,272 a week!

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  • You will discover how to use two Attack Bets to virtually eliminate the house edge at roulette!

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  • You’ll discover why Nine-Bet Roulette makes every other roulette strategy, system or method completely obsolete with its unprecedented ability to match every roulette pattern and perfectly time your bets!



“I have played roulette for over twenty years.  I have used wheel tracking systems and I have even used roulette computers.   

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Len S. – Las Vegas, Nevada



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  • It is easy to use since all you have to do is learn how to place two Attack Bets!

  • It doesn’t require any particular skills to learn and use unlike strategies requiring that you have a superior memory or rapidly make calculations as you play!

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My name is Martin J Silverthorne.  I am a CPA.  I am trained to evaluate any claims of performance or profits super critically.

To be frank, most moneymaking schemes are in the class of overrated underachievers.  It is rare to find a system that does exactly what it is supposed to do.

However, Nine-Bet Roulette is one of these rare and wonderful strategies that matches or exceeds every expectation.

I have tested it and experienced it and documented its power to perform.

I have decided to share this knowledge with a few more people.

In the next few minutes you are going to learn the incredible story of a roulette system so good that it shouldn’t exist, developed by chess master who hadn’t played roulette before, that was tweaked with the ultimate performance upgrade, and turned into a unique powerhouse that easily beats every roulette game offered today.

Our players have now won close to eleven million dollars.  You are about to discover how you can grab your share of this bonanza!


“Nine-Bet Roulette is a lot more than just a roulette system.  It is a complete winning program that I have used to set up an income of $10,000 to $12,000 a week.

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Terrence R. – Rainham, Essex, England



It Started With Roulette Bet Placement Systems

If you have ever played roulette seriously you have used some kind of system to determine where you bet.

You may have bet randomly, used hunches or used some form of pattern following.  Professional players have even resorted to using elaborate tracking systems and hidden computers to analyze the data and tell them where to bet.

As you may know, I have been involved with developing a number of different roulette systems.  Over the years many players have contacted me about playing roulette online.  They have been concerned that the online casinos were learned their playing patterns and were then thwarting them.

Whether online casinos do this or not, the concern of betting patterns losing their effectiveness and eventually being beaten is an issue for roulette players in land-based games as well.


I found a solution to the problem of determining where to bet in roulette in a totally unexpected way –

Max Lerner is an astute stock trader who makes his money by trading stocks and other securities for two or three-day periods. While I prefer to hold trades from two or three days to as long as a month, Max and I still like to exchange ideas. We meet for a couple of drinks and the subject of roulette came up.

Many of the best traders are also astute gamblers and Max shared his latest system based on using Flex-Betting to determine where to bet that provided high probability winning bets.

He had developed several systems and understood some of the problems of selecting where to bet at roulette. I shared my experiences in developing different systems over the years and by the end of the meeting we had come to an informal agreement –

He had developed several systems and understood some of the problems of pattern betting and other types of roulette betting systems.  I shared my experiences in developing different systems over the years and by the end of the meeting we had come to an informal agreement –


Strike Bets quickly bring in wins!


Lerner agreed to work on a different approach to roulette that would overcome the problems shared by all roulette bet selection methods to date.

I in turn shared my extensive research on roulette patterns and pattern recognition systems with him.  In addition, I gave him information on wheel tracking and several elaborate tracking systems which had been used before.  And, to make his life really interesting, I even threw in a handheld roulette computer I had acquired several years ago.


“This is the best roulette system ever.  I am a professional roulette player and I have never seen a more impressive system.
  Best of all, it with its constantly changing betting system it can’t be stopped by online casinos predicting the bets.

“This is the one I have been searching for 14 years.  I am now winning over $18,000 every week playing part time.”

Sherm V. – Jacksonville, Florida



Testing Begins

Before Max and I went to work we agreed on some parameters –

The system would have to be responsive to roulette decisions and be able to change as roulette decisions changed.

It would have to be able to adjust quickly to losing streaks and constantly adapt to changing conditions.

It could not use a fixed, predictable pattern for bet selection.  But rather, it would have to use a new system of betting that was flexible, adaptive to changing conditions and even somewhat unpredictable!

We agreed that the system must also be able to determine future patterns so that the system didn’t just mimic what had happened but would be able to predict what was likely to happen.

Lerner got all this and then commented, “This sounds a lot like some of the computer-based systems.  Do we want a system that entails extensive tracking and then applying probabilities of outcomes to determine where we bet?”

I shook my head vigorously.   “Absolutely not.  We want a system with no tracking and no calculations.  Let’s set the ground rules up like this.  This system must be so simple that nothing needs to be tracked, or written down, and yet will meet all of our other objectives.”

“And what about calculations?  How do we handle the data crunching to make betting decisions?

I smiled.  “It must be automatic.  In other words, the system itself must make these decisions and do it instantly without any need to pause or make any kind of calculation.”

He thought for a while.  “I can envision what you want.  Now let’s see if it can be done.”


“I have decided to turn pro using Nine-Bet Roulette.  My goal is to win $2,000 a day and I have never failed to do so.  The math is simple –

“Play five hours a week to net $10,000 a week. 

“Thanks for your online help.  Your support people are great.”

Chuck G. – Kokomo, Indiana



Lerner’s Solution – Strike-Recovery Betting 

Lerner developed a unique two-bet roulette system.  He called these bets Strike-Recovery Bets.

At first I was unsure of the rationale for his two bets. Then he explained.

“By using two bets, we have a system that eliminates most of the risk of losing at roulette.  These two bets work together so that if one loses, the other may win.  The net effect is a system that reduces the house edge to almost zero.

I was impressed with his thinking and ready to hear about the rest of his system.

“Tell me how you determine where you make these bets?”

He explained.

“It is not possible to accomplish everything we agreed on with just one system.  Once you have just one system, you run into the problems of the system being discovered by the casinos or it simply becoming less effective over time.”

I leaned forward.  “So your solution is . . ”

“We use two systems which flow from one to the other as conditions change.

“Recurrence Betting is perfect when the roulette wheel is trending.  When you use Match Betting, you will automatically shift to Recurrence Betting when the wheel is streaking.”

“What do you do when the table gets choppy?  Or, if you start seeing weird patterns of decisions like recurring doubles or triples separated by chops?  Unfortunately these and other patterns occur just often enough to eventually defeat other systems.”


Recovery Bets quickly overcome losses!

Lerner smiled

“That’s why we have Match Betting.  If we have two consecutive losses then we automatically shift into Flex-Betting Mode.  The most interesting aspect of Match Betting is that it can handle just about any roulette pattern.”

“How often do you change betting methods?  Is there some kind of fixed pattern that a casino might discover and thwart?”

“Absolutely not.  When we combine these two betting systems, we also use a unique way of shifting between bet selection methods.  Sometimes we will change patterns after every single bet.  At other times we wait for two bets to switch.  And, at still other times we require three adverse decisions before changing our bet selection method.”

“This is really interesting.  But, it sounds kind of complicated.”


“Nine-Bet Roulette has it all –

“Low bankroll, small bets and high winnings.  Plus, it is the perfect system for both online and land-based games.

“Normally I play online and clear over $8,000 a week.  Just came back from Vegas where I played in two of your favorite casinos.  I  won $23,900 and got complete comps including food and beverages.

“This is more than just a system.  It is a complete winning package that overwhelms the casinos.”

Les T. – Houston, Texas


Match Betting Is to Roulette What Gunpowder Was to Shooting!

Match Betting is one of those systems that sounds complicated but really isn’t.  I recall reading one time about all of the muscles and coordination required to run.  If a person had to think about all of this, they’d probably never learn to run.  However, we don’t have to think about which muscle does what in order to run.  We just do it.

Likewise using Match Betting is really very easy to use.  Here is a quick rundown of this system –

  • Using Match Betting is totally automatic.  The system itself will tell you when to change betting modes from Recurrence to Flex Betting and exactly where to make each bet.

  • There is no need to write down previous roulette decisions or engage in any kind of tracking.  All you need to know is the result of the previous spin, and which of your Attack Bets won or lost.  This is all the system needs to instantly determine your next two bets.

  • There is no need to use a tracking form although we do furnish a Nine-Bet Automatic Playmaker that you can use when you play.


“Holy Sh*t!  This is the hottest roulette system ever.  I won $2,887 my first day playing online.”

Irv. D. – Eureka, California



Lerner's System Exceeded All Expectations with Match Betting! 

It is as powerful as any roulette computer, yet so simple that anyone can use it without ever writing anything down!

You never have to observe or track roulette decisions before starting play or making a wager.

You will never have to skip decisions like many other systems.  You will bet on every spin.  And you will do it safely and knowledgeably!

By combining two potent bet selections and then using a simple, but highly effective, trigger to change from one mode to the other, Match Betting is truly the most refined and effective way of bet selection ever created for the game of roulette!

And, its changes and betting modes are impossible to predict or match. 

Sometimes this system will tolerate up to two losing bets.  At other times it will change betting patterns after a single loss.  At still other times it uses a pattern switching mode that is totally unpredictable.

And, unlike other bet selection methods which only react to roulette decisions, the Match Betting system actually anticipates roulette decisions.

Perhaps the most amazing aspect of Lerner’s creation was that even though it could match or even exceed the capacity of a roulette computer, it was still simple to use.

To activate Match Bet Selection you only have to know what the previous decision was, your current betting mode and whether you won or lost your bet.  Anyone using this system would have all of this information at a glance!


Nine-Bet Roulette’s Power Bets!

Nine-Bet Roulette uses Nine Attack Bets to Beat Every Version of Roulette Played Today!

Strike Bets quickly bring in wins.

And, Recovery Bets overcome losses!

And, a Special Nine-Bet Strategy links them together!

Combined these Power Bets are just about unstoppable!

Get Started Now!



Now All We Had to Do Was Link Match Betting to the Perfect Bet Sizing Strategy

Match Bet Selection is really good.  It is so good that you can use it with just about any betting progression and easily win at roulette.

We tried Match Betting with a variety of bet sizing methods and never had any failures.  This was a stunning triumph for our new way of picking bets!

However, I thought that since Match Betting was so superior to every other bet selection method, that it deserved to have its own superior bet sizing system.

At this point I had no time left for my other projects.  However, I ran into Greg Fletcher, an expert stock trader who had also created some of the best gambling systems of all time.

I asked Greg if he would see if he could find a bet sizing system which would match with our breakthrough method of bet selection.

Greg told me he had been working on a new blackjack betting system and that he might be able to make it work for roulette.

“After using the Nine-Bet Roulette system I truly believe that the casinos can’t stop this system.  I have won both online and in my favorite local casino.

“Just for fun I used it to play baccarat.  It is just as effective at beating baccarat.  This system is really good!”

Jeff H. – Corinth, Mississippi


Strike-Recovery Betting Brings in Quick Wins Using Small Bets!

It took Greg a little longer to come up with a bet sizing system good enough for Match Betting.

He tried variations of many different types of betting systems.  Because Match Betting is so good, all of the Bet Sizing systems showed profits. 

However, he decided to set the bar really high for this bet sizing system.  He wanted a system that would take full advantage of the power of using two Attack Bets.

He decided that he wanted a system that could beat roulette very quickly and yet still be safe.

After he tried many different systems, he decided to combine two of his best into a unique system called Strike-Recovery Betting.


“Nine-Bet Roulette is the best winning system I have ever used.  It wins at roulette, craps and baccarat. 
While I haven’t tried it yet at blackjack I am certain it would beat blackjack as well. 

“Also I want to thank you for your outstanding support.  Your people have been very helpful and they always respond very quickly.”

Charlie J. – Las Vegas, Nevada



Strike Bets Are Small Bets that Can Win Big Amounts Very Quickly.

Strike Bets are so good at winning large amounts quickly and safely that it is not unusual to complete a winning game in eight or nine bets in Strike Betting Mode.

As one player using this system told me, “Strike Bets offer amazing profits risking the smallest of amounts.”

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(Example: is CORRECT,
where as max1957@aol or max1957 are INCORRECT)




Behind the Strike Bets Lies Another Powerhouse System Called Recovery Betting! 

As good as Match Betting and Strike Bets are, you are still not going to win every Strike Bet.

Therefore, whenever your profits slip even a small amount, you will move into Recovery Betting Mode, is a powerful system in its own right. 

Strike-Recovery Betting may be the most powerful strategy ever created for determining the size of each bet.

When you use it, combined with Match Bet Selection, you will win faster and easier than ever before.

In testing this potent combo over thousands of roulette bets we found that it is possible to beat roulette in eight to twenty-one bets.


“Nine-Bet Roulette really works.  I started with just $50 and I have won over $37,000 in the past five weeks.

“I am now using multiple online casino accounts and rotating play just like you advised.  I am super happy with this system!”

Arnold T. – Visalia, California


Nine-Bet Roulette Produces Explosive Profits!

After combing all of the components into one complete strategy, I was amazed at how this strategy performed.

I tried it in a local casino making $25 base bets.  I pulled in over $1,500 in a little over two hours of play.  Best of all, the system worked perfectly. 

I was so impressed I decided to see what this system could do online in a casino allowing higher bets.  I decided to make $50 bets and see what I could do.

I pulled in $34,793 for eight hours play!

I might add that at no time was my bankroll in jeopardy.  For online play, I used the Nine-Bet Automatic Playmaker which made using the system as easy as counting from one to three.

The next week Greg Fletcher, Max Lerner and I met and compared notes.  We had all had outstanding results using Nine-Bet Roulette. 

We all felt that the system was ready for final testing.  I was bogged down in three other projects and Greg was equally tied up with his projects.

We turned to Lerner for help.

“I think I can get us some system testers,” he smiled.


“I wanted to let you know how I have done after you answered my questions.  I decided to follow your $2,000 an hour win play and I am happy to report it works.

“I play online about five times a week and I always win at least $2,000.  Sometimes it takes me a little longer than an hour, but I never fail to win.”

“This is powerful stuff.  Thanks for sharing it with me.

Randy T. – Fremont, California



Lerner’s Students Take Down the Roulette Game!

Lerner pulled some amazing strings.

He managed to get some kind of grant money lined up to pay students to play roulette. 

Then he talked a graduate student into running the project as a basis for his master’s thesis.

Once he had this set up, he had no trouble recruiting students. 

Lerner’s group had an astounding run playing roulette.

He even talked several students who were traveling into playing roulette in the UK and Macau.

By the time he was finished he had tested Nine-Bet Roulette for over 7,000 completely documented games!


Here is some of what we discovered in testing this strategy –

We found that the system is so simple that anyone can learn it and then easily beat roulette.

Many players prefer playing online and their play shows that anyone can easily play online and win from $5,132 to $25,648 a week.

Others like the excitement of playing in casinos.  Some of our players became $100 bettors and easily pulled in over $10,000 a day playing roulette.

We discovered that the system is so robust that it is almost unstoppable.  Our testers ended up winning 96.77% of all games!


“Nine-Bet Roulette is outstanding.  I play online and have been doing very well.  I play two to three times a week with a goal of winning at least $1,000 a session.  I have never failed to do this.

“This system is incredibly easy to use.  I always use the Automatic Playmaker which making using the system really simple.  Thanks again for your help and support.”

Jen R. – Independence, Missouri



Geology Major Finds Gold in More Than Rocks

Michael J had some big problems.  His roommate had just moved out and Michael didn’t have enough money for the next month’s rent. 

Then his 2002 Toyota Corolla broke down and his mechanic told him that it would cost at least $1,100 to fix it.

As a second year grad student majoring in geology, his prospects of raising money quickly didn’t look too good.

He had lined up a part time job with the university, but it didn’t start until next semester. 

Michael was even considering dropping out of school, except that finding a good paying job seemed almost as hopeless.


Nine-Bet Roulette Uses a Remarkable New Strategy of Picking Where You Bet!

Fortunately, his university connections were still pretty good and he heard about Max Lerner’s project. 

He signed up for the project, went to an orientation and decided to give it a try.

“Why not,” he thought.  “Playing roulette may be the best paying job available today.”

Michael quickly decided that online play would be his choice since he already had everything he needed to get started – a computer and an Internet connection.

Michael was told he would get some startup money but he couldn’t wait.  He read the manual and practiced the system in free practice mode in a recommended online casino.

Then he discovered he could get started online for just $31.  But he did even better than that.  He signed on with a casino offering a 100% sign on bonus.  That got him started with a total investment of just $16.

Knowing he couldn’t afford to lose even $16 he played cautiously.  He won $78 in his first hour of real play.  He took a break and decided to play a little longer.  He pulled in $94 in his second hour of play.

He still felt pretty good so he took one more break and decided to up his bets to $2 each. This doubled his win rate.

It was 4:30 AM when Michael decided to end his first night of play.  In a little over seven hours he had moved from $1 betting up to $10 bets.  His net win for his first attempt as a Nine-Bet Roulette player was $1332. 

When he finally crawled into bed his last thought was, “I’ve got the rent paid.  Now if I can just do something about the car.”

Michael didn’t have any classes the next day so he decided to log back on and see what he could do.

He now had a huge jump over his first day’s play since he was starting out as a $10 bettor.  He won $921 in his first hour of play.  He took a break and walked down to his favorite coffee shop.  Rejuvenated, he checked his bankroll and moved up to making $15 bets.  He pulled in $1,974 in the next hour and a half.

He decided to take a lunch break before afternoon play.  He logged back on about 2:30 PM.  He was now making $25 bets.  He played two more hours and pulling in $4,486 in winnings.

He added it all up-

He had cleared $1,332 playing his first night.

The next morning he made $2,895.  He had finished with his afternoon win of $4,486.

Altogether he had made $8,713.  He ordered a withdrawal of most of his winnings.

Two days later a check arrived, delivered by a special courier.  There it was.  A check in the amount of $8,500 made out to him.


“I never knew playing roulette could be so profitable.  I now play roulette twice a week using the Nine-Bet system.  I have never had a losing day.  My goal is to win at least $500 per casino visit and my worst day I won $397.

“Thanks for sharing this with me.”

Harvey C. – Elizabeth, New Jersey



Lisa Gets the Ultimate Tip

Lisa is 36 years old with two kids to support and an ex-husband who hasn’t been seen or heard from in four years.

She thought of herself as fortunate though.  She had a job in a restaurant offering breakfast and lunch.  Even though she started work at 6:00 AM four days a week, she was usually out of there by 2:00 PM.  She had lots of regular customers and made good money off tips.  She even had one old gentleman who came in four days a week and tipped her $10 to $20 a visit.  All she had to do was put up with a grope or two. 

With her meager savings, she decided to go back to school and try to get a degree in accounting.  The courses were hard and if she thought about it her life was pretty hard too.

After a class one day, a friend told her about Professor S’s project.  They decided to see what it was all about and after attending orientation, Lisa was picked as a participant.


Recurrence Bets quickly match and beat repeating patterns!


Like Michael she decided to play online. She was set up with a complete player’s kit.

She received a manual, practice instructions and even a Roulette Automatic Playmaker.  After reading the materials she decided to try it out.

She had an hour free after work the next day and tried the system with no money at risk in practice mode.  Just for fun, she decided to see what she could do making $10 bets.  She made over $2,000 in her practice games.

She stayed in practice mode three more days, trying different levels of betting.  She became an avid fan of the Roulette Automatic Playmaker.  She found that all she had to do was set it up for her level of play and that it would give her every play.

The bet selection system proved to be much easier than it had seemed at first.  She moved flawlessly between betting modes with complete guidance from the Roulette Automatic Playmaker.

Determining the size of each bet was really easy.  She was exhilarated at how fast the Strike Bets won and became more and more confident as she experienced how quickly she would win back any losses using the Recovery Bets.

Finally, she built up enough courage to try the system for real.  She signed up for just $25 and got a $25 bonus from the casino.

She took her time at each level of play.

She played two days as a $1 and $2 bettor and netted $1,495.

She moved up to making $5 bets and in three more days, playing just an hour or two a day she made $2,783 more.

Monday was her day off and she decided to see if she could do as well making $10 bets playing with real money as she had in practice mode.

She set the Nine-Bet Roulette Automatic Playmaker for $10 betting.  Everything was there.  She had all of her possible bets in front of her.  She had a goal for a winning game.  And, she knew from experience that all she had to do was follow the Automatic Playmaker in order to play perfectly.

She starting playing at 10:10 AM on Monday.  She set up a routine which worked well for her.  She would pull in a win (sometimes in less than two minutes) lock up her winnings, reset the Automatic Playmaker and keep on playing.

She didn’t take a break until 1:35 PM when she realized she was not only tired but famished.  She checked her winnings one last time before logging off –

Lisa had made $4,178.  As she walked to the kitchen to make lunch she thought, “I could get used to this.”

“Before I got Nine-Bet Roulette I was really frustrated with the online casinos.  It seemed like as soon as I started to win their software would anticipate my bets and I would lose.

“Nine-Bet Roulette’s betting system is so unpredictable that I haven’t had that problem using this system.  I have won $17,800 to date and I am very happy with this strategy.”

Walther B. – Ithaca, New York



Herb May Enjoy Video Poker But the Big Money is in Roulette!

Herb is a retired army colonel.  He is also Max Lerner's neighbor.  Lerner knew that Herb liked to gamble and thought it might be interesting to get his take on the new roulette strategy.

He talked to Herb one day when Herb was discussing his upcoming trip to Laughlin, Nevada.  Herb explained that he was a video poker player and that he considered himself a Jacks or Better expert.

“They have some pretty good machines in Laughlin and I can usually pay for my trip.”

He was pretty proud of his accomplishment.

Lerner asked him,  “How would you like a chance to make a lot more?”

Herb’s eyes lit up and Lerner explained.


The next day Herb got his package of material for Nine-Bet Roulette. 

Lerner suggested that he practice online before trying the system in a casino.

Herb got in some practice time and found that he could keep track of his play very easily using a few poker chips and using a Betting Strategy Card which came with the manual.

When Herb arrived in Laughlin, he checked in at the Flamingo Laughlin and went downstairs to take a look around.  He staring longingly at some video poker machines but forced himself to walk over to the roulette table.

Naturally it was a double-zero game.  However, he knew exactly how to handle this by adjusting the way he made the Strike Bets.

Herb started out a $5 bettor, played conservatively and made $87 in about forty minutes.  Since he had the money he needed he decided to move up to making $10 bets.

It was almost 6:00 PM when Herb thought to check the time.  He had played four hours.  He colored up his chips and moved over to an empty table to count his winnings.  He was up $983.  “Not to bad for my first time playing,” thought Herb.

When Herb returned to the casino after eating with a couple of friends, he had no trouble passing the jacks or better video poker games.  “That’s just small potatoes,” he thought as he sat down at the roulette table again.

This time he brought enough cash to make $25 bets.  He set up chips so that he could use one group of chips to track his betting pattern and another to keep track of the size of his bets.  He had his Nine-Bet Roulette Player’s Card in his pocket in case he needed it. 

Herb won $588 in his first hour of play.  He did even better his second hour bringing in another $988.  He took a break, walked outside for a few minutes and returned for one last quick session.  Herb played another 45 minutes and won another $894.

He had won $3,453 his first day as a Nine-Bet Roulette player.

The next day he stayed at the $25 level in the morning and moved up to making $50 bets in the afternoon.  His net for his second day of play was $7,349.

On his last day he decided to quit early.  He played one more session making $100 bets and won another $3,477 in less than an hour.  This was good enough   He had won $14,279. 

“That’s a new record for me,” he thought as he walked down by the river relaxing before his return trip.


“I am very pleased with Nine-Bet Roulette.  It is a very consistent winner and it is fun to use too. 
I am a big fan of the Automatic Playmaker.  It makes playing totally automatic.”

Mel T – Santa Rosa, California



The Testing is Completed and the Verdict is In – Nine-Bet Roulette Walks Into the Record Books With a Stunning 96.77% Win Rate!

We completed testing Nine-Bet Roulette every way possible.

Of course it passed all of the computer simulations.  That was the easy part.

Then Lerner organized his group of testers who eventually played in every situation possible.


Many of them played online.  They played in $1 games and proved that making over $2,000 a week as a minimum bettor is really easy1

Some of the online players become $5 bettors and proceeded to make over $10,000 a week!

A few more players moved up to $10 betting online and are now making as much as $21,376 a week!

Lisa didn’t stop with $10 bets online.  She moved up to $25 bets.  I checked with her last week and she had cleared $57,893 in one week of online play!


A smaller number of players played in “brick and mortar” casinos.  Many played on double-zero wheels and had no trouble overcoming the additional house edge.

We had players playing a tremendous variety of games – from the 10 -cent wheel at the El Cortez in downtown Las Vegas to $100 minimum bet wheels at the Bellagio. 


Flex-Betting matches and wins against seemingly random patterns!


We also had several players who played on the European single-zero wheels which offer a much better chance of winning than the two-zero wheels.

However, as the results came flowing in we discovered that it didn’t matter where our players played.

They played thousands of games online and never encountered a single time where they felt like the bet selection method was being anticipated by the casinos or was losing its effectiveness.


They played against both single and double-zero wheels and the wins just keep building up.

Every one of our players kept careful records so that we were able to build a complete database of their play.

When we totaled it all up, we found that our students had played 7,316 documented games.   And, they won a sizzling 96.77% of all games!


“Nine-Bet Roulette is the best gambling system I have ever used.  It wins so consistently that you can always count on a profitable day every time you use it.”

Ron T. – Fort Myers, Florida



Why Should We Release this System When We Can Make a Fortune Using It?

There is no doubt that Nine-Bet Roulette soundly beats every version of roulette offered today.  Our testing leaves no doubt about this!

After we finished the testing, we had to decide where to go next.   Quite frankly we still haven’t made a final decision.


Our options were –

1.  Keep this system under wraps and never release any more copies of it.  There is a lot to argue in favor of this approach.  Since this system is such a strong winner there is really no need to sell any copies of it to anybody.  All we have to do is use it and we can make as much as we want.

2. Do a limited release of 1,000 copies and charge $2,000 apiece for them.
  Both lerner and Greg favor this approach.  Greg has an especially strong argument with, “Sooner or later this system will be disclosed.  We might as well cash in on it now.”

3.  Do a limited release to my clients at a reasonable price before making any final decisions about what to do with the system
.  I admit that my argument here is based more on ethics than on profits.  But, after helping my clients beat the casinos for so many years, I don’t think I should keep what may be the greatest roulette system of all time from them.

Persistence has it virtues.  I finally prevailed and that’s why you are reading this report.  We agreed to at least do a limited release to my best clients.  But Lerner and Greg Fletcher may change their minds at any time.  That’s why I suggest that you act now!


Nine-Bet Roulette’s Match Betting!

Nine-Bet Roulette Uses a Remarkable New Strategy of Picking Where You Bet!

Recurrence Bets quickly pick up and win with repeating patterns.

And, Flex-Betting matches and wins against seemingly random patterns.

This is the most effective method of bet selection ever created!

Combined with Power Betting this makes Nine-Bet Roulette Just About Unstoppable!

Try It Now Risk-Free!



Here’s Your Chance to Make $250,000 a Year Safely and Reliably!

I don’t know how you are doing these days.  Maybe everything is going well for you.

Or, maybe you are like so many of my friends who are stressed more and more every day just getting by.

I can’t promise you a whole new look because of a wonderful new diet plan.

And, I can’t give you a tummy tuck or a facelift.

However, I can offer you something that is guaranteed to bring a smile to your face and a bulge to your wallet.

And that’s a stunning new way of playing roulette.

Nine-Bet Roulette is not like any other roulette system.  It was developed from scratch with its first objective being to overcome any betting pattern that the game could throw at a player.

Max Lerner came up with a brilliant new betting strategy based on using two different types of Attack Bets and Match Betting.

This potent combo is the new standard against which every roulette system must be measured.

But, we didn’t stop there.  Greg Fletcher, who is a wizard with stock trading systems developed an amazing new way of determining the size of each bet – Strike-Recovery Betting.

Strike Bets might be thought of as the Killer Bets of the game.  Even though they are small bets they strike hard and fast.  It is not unusual to wrap up a winning game in less than two minutes playing online when the Strike Bets hit.

Backing up the Strike Bets are the Recovery Bets.  These bets were designed to quickly recover any losing bets.  But, they actually do a lot more –

Recovery Bets are really a winning system all by themselves.

Nine-Bet Roulette, designed by a stock trader, pulls it all together into the most impressive winning strategy we have ever seen. 

With low bankroll requirements and its unique two-bet approach, Nine-Bet Roulette wins an unprecedented 96.77% of a 7,316 game test!

Now, at least for the time period, I have arranged for you to grab this stunning winner as one of my handpicked top clients.




As it stands we may not release any copies of Nine-Bet Roulette to any more players.  Or, if we do we will probably ask $2,000 a copy.

I have negotiated an opening for you.  For the next FOUR HOURS I can offer you a chance to become a Nine-Bet Roulette player.

And, you won’t have to pay $2,000 a copy for this system.  You won’t even have to pay $1,000 or $500 for it.

If you act by ,  I can guarantee you one copy of this incredible new Two Attack Bets Based Strategy for only $99.97!

And, I’ll go a step further.  You’ll get the complete package Lerner’s players got-

You get the Nine-Bet Roulette manual

You’ll also get a set of Betting Strategy Cards you can take with you when you play.

And, you’ll get the Nine-Bet Automatic Playmaker that will completely automate your play.

But, we didn’t stop there.  We also put together a tremendously valuable bonus package. 

Then on top of that, we are offering our first $100,000 Guarantee.

This adds up to the best package we have ever put together.

I urge you to act now. I may have to close this offer at any time. 



Here’s Some of What You’ll Learn as Our Latest Player –

The complete Nine-Bet Roulette package is ready for you.  This course has been proven to be unstoppable.  Our testing proves that anyone using Nine-Bet Roulette is going to win large amounts of money off any roulette game, anywhere it is offered.

We have proven that Nine-Bet Roulette with its unique Attack Bets cannot be overcome or stopped by any casino countermeasures.

Anyone can play it day after day, week after profitable week, without any fall off in its effectiveness.  There is no way either the house edge or any standard casino moves can stop a Nine-Bet Roulette player from winning other than to stop offering roulette altogether.


Here’s What You’ll Learn When You Download Your Copy of the Nine-Bet Roulette package –

  • You’ll learn how to set up our unique Attack Bet strategy which is so good that it even beats the double-zero wheels

  • You’ll learn how to use Match Bet Selection – the exciting new way of picking where you bet that can’t be stopped by the casinos. 

  • And, you’ll learn this bet selection method flawlessly without tracking roulette decisions, writing down roulette outcomes, skipping bets or any of the other measure used by other inferior systems.

  • You’ll learn how to effortlessly use the two pillars of Match Betting – Recurrence Betting and Flex Betting and how they automatically change modes in a way proven to be undetectable by the casinos!

  • You’ll discover how we use the power of the Strike Bets to virtually eliminate the threat of zeros in roulette.  This is the single greatest breakthrough in roulette today and it is only one part of this amazing system!

  • You’ll gain the powerful edge of the world’s most powerful betting system- Strike-Recovery Betting!

  • You’ll learn how to use small bets and bring in large wins quickly and easily with Strike Betting.  This strategy is so good that many winning games are wrapped up in as few as eight bets!

  • You'll gain the power to rapidly recover from any losing bets by moving into Recovery Betting mode.

  • You’ll discover how to use the power of Recovery Betting to not only recover losing bets but to deliver quick wins in their own right!


But, We Didn’t Stop There . . .

  • You’ll get our exclusive insiders list of power online casinos.  You can’t go wrong with any of these casinos.  They offer the best games and 100% superior service.

  • We’ll reveal our secret list of casinos offering higher betting limits.  If you want to win $20,000 or more a week playing online these casinos are critical to your success!

  • We’ll share with you our favorite online casino.  We have won untold thousands of dollars off this casino and we have been paid every cent with no grumbling and no delays!


But There's Still More . . . 

  • You’ll get a complete set of Betting Strategy Cards.  You can take these cards with you when you play in a land-based game.  Our players depend on them for consistently bringing in high profits and they will work for you, too!

  • You’ll get the Nine-Bet Automatic Playmaker.  It is so good that it makes using this system very easy.  All you have to do is set up the Roulette Playmaker for your level of play and then check it as you play. It will tell you when to check betting modes and give you the amount of each wager.  You can use the Nine-Bet Automatic Playmaker in both online and in land-based casinos.

The Nine-Bet Roulette package is a lot more than just a roulette system.  It is really a complete program you can use to turn roulette into a steady reliable source of profits

Here’s what Vincent P. one of our players who has turned pro says about Nine-Bet Roulette –

“I have used hidden roulette computers and Nine-Bet Roulette even outperforms them.  Plus with no tracking and using its unique Attack Bets it is by far the easiest professional level system I have ever used."


But, There’s Still More to the Nine-Bet Roulette Course!

  • This course is packed with value.  You’ll get the complete Nine-Bet Roulette Manual which contains complete instructions designed to quickly turn you into a highly paid Nine-Bet Roulette player.

  • You’ll get lots of examples of actual games played with complete explanations.

  • You’ll get a complete set of Betting Strategy Cards you can take with you when you play. 

  • You’ll get our Nine-Bet Automatic Playmaker, which will give you complete guidance as you play and win at roulette.


But, There’s Still More!  If You Order By , You’ll Also Get the Following Bonuses –

Bonus #1 –
How to Play Roulette Like a Pro (a $40 Value). 

You’ll learn the ins and outs of roulette play including extensive coverage of both the American and European versions of roulette.  Every roulette bet is covered in detail including how to make the bet and the payoffs.  Even if you are a roulette pro, you will find this manual an invaluable source of roulette facts!


Bonus #2 – The Complete United States Casino Guide (a $40 Value). 

You’ll get the names of the very best US land-based casinos for roulette play.   For each casino listed you’ll get complete information, such as its name, address, general telephone number, reservation number, toll free numbers, the number of rooms, room prices and the size of the casino. And, we really cover the US in this up-to-date directory.  Our select picks include casinos in –·       

Atlantic City
The Gulf Coast 
Lake Tahoe 
Downtown Las Vegas
Locals’ Casinos in Las Vegas
Las Vegas Strip Casinos
Native American casinos in the Midwest
Native American casinos in the Northeast
Native American casinos in the South and West
New Orleans
Shreveport-Bossier City
Tunica and Vicksburg 

Plus, you’ll get our picks of the best cruise lines for roulette games and our pick of the best Caribbean roulette casinos.

If you want to play and prosper in a North American casino, in a Caribbean casino or on a cruise ship, this is the number one guide showing exactly where you must play!


Bonus #3 – The Ultimate Guide to Las Vegas Roulette! (a $40 Value).    

Las Vegas has more roulette tables than any other city in the world.  This guide will show you where they are.   The locations of the best roulette games are revealed.  This guide will give you the information you need to find and play the most profitable game in Las Vegas!


Bonus #4 – How to Play Roulette Online Like a Pro (a $40 Value). 

Online roulette play offers blistering profits if you know how to play online.  This manual takes you through all of the rules of online play for both American and European roulette.  You’ll learn everything from how to make corner and neighbor bets to how to place a Voisins du Zero wager. 


Bonus #5 – Insiders’ Choice Online Roulette Casinos (a $40 value).   

I contacted every one of our players and asked them to rate each of the online casinos where they played using Nine-Bet Roulette. 

Our first and foremost criterion was profitability.  We have played in and won in each of these favorite online casinos.  

But, there’s even more.  Besides being profitable, the casinos on this carefully chosen list are:

Easy to work with.  

Available to US players.  

Offer the best versions of roulette.

Have reputable software standing behind them.  

Easy to contact and are available 24/7.

These are the casinos where we use Nine-Bet Roulette to win thousands of dollars every week.  With this information, you will know exactly where to play online with the best chance of winning!


Bonus #6 – Why Online Bonuses Matter! (a $40 Value). 

When you use Nine-Bet Roulette there is no question that you can win quickly and easily playing online. We have proven it with thousands of online games.

Playing online is not only more convenient that playing in a brick and mortar casino, it offers a huge incentive -

Cash Bonuses for your play.

Combining online bonuses (some casinos pay unlimited bonuses) with  your already potent roulette winnings is an easy way to pick up another $2,000 to $2,500 a week in pure profits for almost no effort

This current guide to playing for online bonuses will get you up to speed very quickly so that you don’t miss out on what can easily be another $100,000 a year in income from roulette! 


Bonus #7 – The Absolute Best Online Roulette Casino (a $40 Value). 

This casino will become your number one choice of where to play and win at online roulette. Here’s just some of what you’ll find when we share our number one pick –

This casino offers the best online odds for roulette and is backed by one of the best online software companies.

You won’t find any online roulette games that are fairer or that offer better odds of winning than these. 

This casino offers no-hassle practice games
. You don’t have to register or download anything, just click on your browser and start playing. And, you can always practice your strategy, with no money risked, even after you start playing for real!

This casino offers the best online support – bar none! Not only can you reach the casino personnel easily by email, they answer their phones quickly. And, here is a critical point – they don’t out-source their support. The in-house staff is knowledgeable and understands gambling and roulette.  I know you will appreciate the difference.

This casino not only accepts US players, it welcomes them. And, this casino is not in some third world country – it is headquartered in Canada. If you live in the US and are frustrated by restrictions on US customers – try this one.  I know you will like it!

You’ll get a 10% signup bonus when you decide to play here. And, there is no limit to the size of the bonus. If you want to deposit $10,000, you’ll get a $1,000 bonus. And, when you play roulette using Nine-Bet Roulette, all of your play counts towards your earning your bonus. This is a straight-forward and out-and-out great bonus program!

The casino is full service. It offers the best of casino games and of course, superior roulette.  But, it also has a world renowned sportsbook. And, if you like poker, you will love their online poker rooms. What’s more, one deposit and one account is all you need to participate in all of these activities.

I thought I would save the best for last. You can pick up $500 Free at this casino. What a great way to get started as a roulette entrepreneur. Just sign on here, win a bundle using Nine-Bet Roulette and pick up an extra $500 for your trouble. We’ll show you how!



Bonus #8 – The Complete Guide to Winning at Online Gambling! (a $40 Value). 

One of the best ways to profit from Nine-Bet Roulette is to play and win online. This guide covers online gambling from A to Z! You’ll learn –

·         How to get started playing online! 

·         The best online payment methods for US players.

·         How to keep records of your online play!  

·         Which games are the best for online play.  

·         How to Play Online Craps. 

·         How to Play Online Roulette.  

·         How to Play Online Baccarat.  

·         How to Play Online Blackjack.

·         How to Win at Online Gambling.

·         Online Casinos Where you can Play, Win and Promptly Get Paid!  





Bonus #9 - Win $2,000 an Hour Playing Roulette! (a $40 Value).

How would you like work an hour a day and win $10,658 a week?

And, what if you could do this “working” just one hour a day, for five days a week? That’s a total of just five hours a week of the easiest and most pleasant “work” you can imagine.

I am talking about using the tremendous power of Nine-Bet Roulette to set up a permanent, consistent and 100% reliable income of $10,658 every week!

We documented exactly how a number of our players were doing this (or in some cases making a whole lot more every week).

Then we wrote it all down in the form of a simple step-by-step plan you can follow.

This is a proven plan that is working for other players.  It will work for you too.

If you order right now, you’ll get this complete plan as my gift to you.



Special Extra Bonus – How to Turn $31 Into $25,000 Your First Week Using Nine-Bet Roulette!

            How would you like to win $25,000 your first week using Nine-Bet Roulette?  Many of our players have done just that using the same plan we are going to give you!

We’ll give you the exact steps you will take to start with just $31 and win $25,000 your first week using Nine-Bet Roulette!

Actually, you can win $25,000 in a lot less than a week’s play

Following our plan you’ll win $25,000 in just ten hours in one of our recommend online casinos.

In land-based play you’ll win $25,000 in just 18 hours.

Our players love this proven win plan and so will you.


After showing you how to win $25,000 we’ll also show you how you can win –

  • $12,180 a week playing in your favorite land-based casinos making $50 bets.

  • $48,720 a week as a $200 bettor in a land-based casino.

  • $18,280 a week as a $15 bettor playing online.

  • $30,440 a week as a $25 bettor in one of our red-hot online casinos!

If you act in the next ten minutes we’ll include How to Turn $31 Into $25,000 Your First Week Using Nine-Bet Roulette!  Absolutely Free with your order for Nine-Bet Roulette!



Start Profiting Immediately!

If you are ready to get going and need money instantly, I am here to help you.  The complete Nine-Bet Roulette Course, including the Betting Strategy Cards, the Automatic Playmaker and All of the Fantastic Bonuses can be downloaded instantly!

Once you have the unstoppable Attack Betting Strategy in your hands, you can start making money in the next couple of hours!

I urge you to grab this opportunity before it disappears. If you have ever wanted to make the jump to complete financial freedom, now is your chance!  Download it now!


$100,000 GUARANTEE 
         IN WRITING  

Nine-Bet Roulette comes with my complete "No Questions Asked" One Year Guarantee. Instead of your typical 30-day money back guarantee, you have up to a year to use this strategy any way you want –

You can play roulette as a home-based business and easily set up from $10,658 to as much as $25,648 a week in 100% reliable profits.

You can play roulette in any land-based casino and pull in huge profits, session after session!

You can vacation in Las Vegas, Atlantic City, London and Paris or take a cruise and easily pay for everything out of your roulette winnings

You are invited to use the strategy any way you like for a FULL YEAR.

Now comes the truly amazing part of this No Nonsense Guarantee – 

If you don’t win at least $25,000 using Nine-Bet Roulette, just email me and I’ll send you a complete refund!

I will stand behind this no matter how much you make off the strategy.   If you only make $24,999 please ask me for a refund. But, I’ll go one step further –

If you are ever unhappy with this strategy for any reason, just email me and I’ll send you a complete refund of your purchase price! I will stand behind Nine-Bet Roulette 100%. No one else offers a guarantee this strong.

I can do so because I know that once you have this strategy, you won’t ever want to part with it.

I know that if you only give this extraordinary performer a chance, you will be delighted with the results.

If you are ever unhappy with this program for any reason, just let me know and I will make sure that you get a prompt and courteous refund!




“This is the Lowest Risk Way I Know to Become a Millionaire!”

Our extensive testing of Nine-Bet Roulette has proven without even a shadow of a doubt that –

Anyone can learn this system and then easily make from $5,132 to $24,648 a week!


What’s more, all it takes is $31 to get started.

With its documented 96.77% win rate, Nine-Bet Roulette is the new powerhouse strategy against which all other strategies must be measured.

At this point our players have won almost $7 million using this strategy.

New millionaires are being made every day.

You can become the next Nine-Bet Roulette millionaire!

I have made special arrangements for you to gain immediate access to this complete winning course.

Try it out any way you like.  If it is not everything you have ever wanted, or if you are unhappy for any reason, just email me for a prompt and courteous refund.

However, if you are like our other players, you won’t take even $10,000 for this knowledge.

I look forward to hearing about your wins.

Yours for becoming the next Nine-Bet Roulette millionaire!

Martin J. Silverthorne


P.S.  This may be your only chance to get a copy of Nine-Bet Roulette – the easiest way to make $10,658 in one day!

Because this is not a regular offer, I can’t guarantee that it will even still be available tomorrow.

This is a special limited offer and it may be closed at any time.

That’s why I recommend that you download a copy immediately.  You are completely protected with my Full Return Privilege $25,000 Guarantee. 

Download your copy of Nine-Bet Roulette while you still can!


P.P.S.  There is no other strategy like Nine-Bet Roulette. 

It is a unique strategy using two Attack Bets to gain an edge over any roulette game – even double-zero wheels!

It uses Match Betting to pick where to bet.  This is the system that the casinos can’t match or beat as proven in over 7,000 games!

It has a fully automatic betting strategy – Strike-Recovery Betting.  This strategy is designed to win very quickly.  Yet even though it is an aggressive winner, it has one of the best loss prevention systems built into it ever created!

Nine-Bet Roulette is super easy to use.  It comes with a manual filled with helpful examples.

On top of that you will get Betting Strategy Cards set up for many different levels of play.

And, to make winning virtually automatic, you’ll also get the Nine-Bet Roulette Automatic Playmaker which will tell you where to place each bet and how much to bet!

No other strategy can match Nine-Bet Roulette for power, quick wins, safety and ease of use.

We have one copy reserved just for you.  Get your copy no


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