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Discover How the Uniquely Powerful Baccarat Attack Strategy Simply Demolishes Every Version of Baccarat Found in Any Casino, Including Those Offered by Online Casinos!

The Baccarat Attack Strategy is unlike any strategy or system ever developed for baccarat.  It is based on a unique way of slicing and dicing the baccarat game into smaller segments and then simply overcoming each part of the game.  It may be helpful to think of this as a special case of applying the strategy of “divide and conquer.”

This unique approach to playing and winning is called “Attack, Retrench and Win.”  

Here’s how this works –

You will “Attack” the game when you are in a winning mode.  You will recognize this mode because you will be winning a high number of bets. You might think of it as a gambler’s dream.  These winning periods can be very brief or sometimes quite lengthy.  A key aspect of the Baccarat Attack Strategy is that you will immediately know when you are in a winning mode so that you can go on the Attack and start pulling in one winning wager after another.

However, unlike other simplistic systems which use such methods as doubling your wager following a winning one (called a parlay), the Baccarat Attack Strategy uses a scientifically developed approach that allows you to capitalize on a winning streak without putting your previous winning bets at risk.

What this means is that when you are on the “Attack,” you will be pulling in money almost faster than you can stack your winnings in front of you!  And, you will do it with zero risk of giving back your previous winnings!

The other side of gambling is the opposite of a gambler’s dream and is more like his nightmare.  This is when the player can’t seem to get ahead and is losing bet after bet.  Most systems ignore these losing streaks.  I call these losing strategies “good time systems.”  So long as you are winning, you will have a good time.  However, when the game turns nasty, look out.  You will lose back any winnings very quickly and may even lose your bankroll faster than you can say, “curses, screwed again.”

That’s where the Baccarat Attack Strategy really shines.  Unlike one of these good time systems, where all you can do is hope that you stop losing before you are tapped out, my system automatically puts you into a Retrenching mode.

Instead of repeating the same ineffective moves over and over and losing, you will instantly shift into the highly effective Retrenchment Betting Mode and start recovering your losses.

While there are a number of other techniques that are part of the strategy, the heart of the amazing Baccarat Attack Strategy is its unique ability to automatically switch from Attack to Retrenchment playing modes.

There is no question about the results of learning this amazing new way of play –

Your winnings will skyrocket. 

Nothing you have ever experienced has prepared you for the sheer power and feeling of confidence and control you will have when you gain the power of “Attack, Retrench and Win.”

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How to Play Baccarat

Baccarat was originally a European game, which was invented and first played in Italy.  The game developed a large following in France and is still a major game in Europe, with a number of casinos specializing in the European version of the game, known as chemin de fer.  There is also another version of the game, called baccarat en banque. 

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Playing Baccarat Online

Baccarat is an exciting card/table game found in most casinos around the world. To begin, you have 3 selections on where to place your wager: bet the player’s hand will win; bet the banker’s hand will win; bet the game will result in a tie.

Here are the rules for online play!

Betting Systems

Betting systems fall into the broad categories of betting the same after each decision, known as flat betting, raising wagers after wins, called positive progressions, and raising money after losses, named negative progressions.

Learn more about Betting Systems here.


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