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How to Play Blackjack Like a Pro!

You probably know that blackjack is a casino game where the odds can be turned in your favor.  You probably have heard stories about expert card counters winning hundreds of thousands or even millions of dollars from casinos!

Do you have any idea how to do this?  You may have played blackjack and even read a book or two on the game, but has anyone ever leveled with you on how to really beat the game?

Do you know, without even sitting at a blackjack table, how to tell if you are more likely to win than lose at that table?  Or, do you know the blackjack wager you should never make, no matter how enticing?  Do you know when to use card counting or when to use other systems that are easier to learn and more effective than card counting?

The thing that amazes me every time I play blackjack is the number of common errors that players make that cost them millions of dollars every year.  I have seen high rollers drop thousands of dollars because they did not know what they were doing.  And, I have seen $2 bettors walk away with thousands in winnings because they knew the insider secrets of winning.

Winning at blackjack does not depend on how much money you bring to the table.  Even card counting does not guarantee your success and may even hurt your chances of winning.

That's why I am so excited about this book.  It is based on practical, real world experience gained over many years of playing blackjack, and it "tells it like it is."

I know that there are many books on blackjack, but most of them only cover the basic game and give you a set of arguments to convince you that the author's pet method of winning is the only way to win.  Many of these systems are so complicated that it takes hundreds of hours just to learn one system of play.  And, the saddest thing is that even if the system is good, you are still likely to lose because you didn't have all the information to become a winning player.

That's what this book is about:  Becoming a winning player.  I will show you several different blackjack systems, all of which are good and can be used as the basis for becoming a winner.

The truth is that no one magic approach exists for always winning at blackjack.  The best systems give you a 2 to 3% edge over the house.  And this advantage can be lost in just a few minutes of haphazard play.

How to Play Blackjack Like a Pro tells you the things you need to know besides knowing a system for winning at blackjack.


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Card Counting

Have you wondered if real people are really making a fortune counting cards?

If you remember the scene in the movie Rain Main, you'll recall the Dustin Hoffman character was winning every hand at blackjack because he had memorized every card as it was dealt and therefore knew exactly what cards remained to be dealt.

Here's the truth about card counting . . .

Betting Progressions

Nearly every gambler uses some kind of system even if his system merely consists of guessing what to do next.  In July 1891, Charles Wells, an Englishman, arrived at the casino at Monte Carlo with 10,000 francs.  Within a few days he had won over a million. His system was . . .

Who Has Advantage at Blackjack?

Blackjack is unique among casino table games in that the odds change after every hand is played.  How well the player does is also dependent on the player's skill at playing his hands and his betting strategy.

So, who has the advantage in this game?

Doubling Down

When playing blackjack one of the most favorable situations arises when you have the opportunity to double down. When you double down you are allowed to double your bet after
receiving your first two cards
Now here's the rest of the story . . .

Play Blackjack Solo or With Others?

There are a variety of games and playing situations available for blackjack play.  Each player has his own preferences. Some players like to play at full tables; others prefer to play one on one. Which way is best?  Find out . . .

More on Doubling Down

Do you think you are ready to play blackjack for blood? 

Let's say you have acquired a winning blackjack strategy, such as the Automatic Blackjack Strategy that I often use when I play.

Like most winning strategies, the size of your bet will increase under certain playing conditions.  Let's say your base bet has gone from $5 to $25 because of a winning streak.  What will you do if a doubling opportunity comes up? 

Insurance By the Numbers

Many blackjack players believe that the value of the player's hand determines whether they should take the insurance bet.

As with much blackjack wisdom, this is totally wrong. Whether insurance is a good bet or a bad bet has nothing to do with the value of your hand or the size of your bet.  It makes just as much sense to insure a 14 as it does a 20.

To Insure or Not Insure?


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