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Why Play Craps?

Dice have been used as gambling devices for several thousand years.  Even the language of dice reflects its influence on history.  When Caesar made his decision to take his army across the Rubicon in defiance of the edicts of the Roman Senate, he chose his response from the language of the dice player:  "Iacta alea est." The die is cast.

Gambling with dice is pervasive.  It has been found in almost every culture, from American Indians to Africans. 

The Greeks and Romans used dice made of bone or ivory; others used dice made of bronze, onyx, alabaster, marble or even porcelain.

Early forms of dice were called "astragals" by the Greeks. Usually made from the knucklebones of sheep they had only four sides. Sliding these dice down their hands and across the top of their fingers before tossing them, Greek women often used them not only for gambling but as an implement in fortune telling.

During Christ's time, the Romans played dice games.  During Christ's crucifixion, the Roman guards tossed the bones playing for his clothing.

Herodotus wrote that dice were used in Lydia in Asia Minor.

The rulers would often encourage their people to play dice games in times of famine to take their minds off of hunger. 

The Romans loved to play high stakes games.  Nero was an inveterate dice gambler.  Caligula would be considered a degenerate gambler if he were alive today.  He frequently lost large amounts of money at dice.  He often resorted to seizing the property of his subjects to pay his gambling debts.  That this resulted in death, enslavement or imprisonment for his unfortunate victims apparently gave Caligula little cause for concern.

Roman soldiers and rulers were not the only ones who tossed the dice.  Paintings found in the buried ruins of Pompeii showed men being kicked out of taverns over some dice dispute.  Dice playing was often associated with drunkenness and various forms of unlawful behavior.  The Romans, in exasperation, finally banned dice games except for during December, which being the month of Saturn, was a time when all kinds of immoral behavior was expected, including dice games.  

The American colonists found that Indians often played dice games.  The rattling and clicking noises made by dice were usually accompanied by a frenzied atmosphere.  Toms-toms announced the beginning of each gambling bout, and drums pounded incessantly all through the games which often lasted for days.  A line from an old Indian song describes the fever of the games:  "I will go home if I am beaten, to get more articles to wager."

Once into their wagering, the Indians played a true "no limits" game.  An early Jesuit explorer, Pierre Francois Xavier de Charlevoix, in describing the Hurons said:  "At this game, of which these people are fondest, they sometimes lose their rest and in some measure their reason.  At the game they hazard all they possess, and many do not leave till they  are  almost stripped quite naked and till  they have  lost all  they  have in their cabins. 

Some have been know to stake their liberty for a time, which fully proves their passion for this game, for there are no men in the world more jealous of their liberty than savages."

Craps is of American origin.  Some time after 1800 around New Orleans, the American Blacks begin playing a version of the game, no doubt adapted from the English game Hazard, which the French sometimes called craps.

The New Orleans version of craps moved up the Mississippi on the nineteenth century river boats.  By about 1890, the game began appearing in the form of bank craps in some American casinos.  The big casino game at this time was Faro, and craps did not become really popular until World War II after thousands of GIs learned backroom craps or street craps.

The great Chicago fire of 1891 might have been started because of a craps game.   The usual story of the origin of the fire was that Mrs. O'Leary was milking her cow when the cow kicked over a lantern and started the fire.  During the trial, Mrs. O'Leary stated that she was not in the barn when the fire broke out.  In 1944 Louis Cohn told of the true origin of the fire.  He was winning a craps game in the barn and got so excited that he kicked over the lantern.

Street craps, also called private craps, backroom craps or even back alley craps, was where a lot of gamblers first cut their teeth.

Street craps always favors the wrong better who bets against the shooter making his point.  The mathematics of dice favors the wrong bettor in any back alley game.  Most people don't know this, and most players wouldn't change their betting style if they did  

So, why should you consider the craps game?  Certainly not because its origins are ancient. 

You want to learn this casino game because you can make more money faster at craps than any other casino game!

I am going to give you the essential tools to become a fearsome "craps entrepreneur" and the basic knowledge to begin your own journey towards unlimited cash flows.

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Right now a limited number of Power Craps manuals are available for immediate download.  I highly recommend that you take to look at this strategy even if you don't know beans about the craps game.

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