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How to Win More at Roulette

Before you eliminate the game of roulette from your selection of desirable casino games, you should consider the following-

Even though you face house odds of 5.26% in the standard American version of the game, with its zero and double zero, there are other versions of the game that offer more favorable odds.

You can easily reduce the casino’s edge in roulette by half or even a two thirds.  Here’s how –

Some casinos in Atlantic City have a surrender rule, which means that if you wager on any even money bet (even money bets are bets on red/black, odd/even or high/low), and the ball lands on a 0 or 00, you lose only half of your bet (not the entire bet as is the rule in most American double zero games).

By being able to salvage half of your bet, the casino’s edge is reduced to a more respectable 2.63% of the even money outside wagers.  That’s a 50% reduction in house odds.

Some casinos offer a single zero roulette game.  The wheel consists of numbers 1 to 36 and a single 0 (the double zero is eliminated).  The casino’s edge on all bets in this game is reduced from the 5.26% house vig in the standard American double zero game to 2.7%.  That’s a 49% reduction in the casino’s edge compared to the double zero game. 

Amazingly, even though the superiority of the single zero game is evident, some Americans, accustomed to playing on the two zero wheels, will actually pick the two-zero game over the better single zero game, even when they are offered in the same casino, or in competing casinos within short walking distance.

The standard roulette game in European casinos has a single zero.  They also have the “en prison rule.”  Here’s how this rule works in favor of the players.

Whenever the ball lands on the zero, all even money bets do not automatically lose.  The bet is “imprisoned” and returned to the bettor if it wins on the next spin.  If it loses on the next spin, it’s lost.  This rule reduces the house edge on even money outside wagers from 2.7% to only 1.35%, a 50% reduction.  It’s one reason why roulette is much more popular overseas.

Before you buy your plane ticket to Europe, you should be aware that roulette rules, procedures and conduct are much different in European casinos.

The game is played at a slower, more formal pace.  Instead of one dealer handling one wheel and one layout, there is one dealer in charge of the wheel and there is a dealer at each end of the double layout game. 

What’s more, all of the bets are placed in French.  Don’t worry if you don’t know that “Cheval” is a split bet on any of the roulette manuals offered by Gamblers Bookcase we cover all of the French names for bets.

You can get a glimpse of how the European game is played by stopping at the Paris Casino in Las Vegas and checking out their European game.

Or, you can visit the sites of any of numerous online casinos offering the European version of roulette.  If you are an online player, you will want to limit your play to single zero wheels as a minimum, and better yet, stay with European roulette.  Why?  It’s all in the house odds and it makes sense to only play the games where you have the best chance of winning.

The table which follows summarizes the casino edge in the various versions of roulette

Game Bets Casino Edge
American 0,00 1,00,1,2,3 7.89%
American 0.00 all other bets 5.26%
Atlantic City  0,00 0,00,1,2,3 8.89%
Atlantic City 0,00 even money 2.63%
Atlantic City 0,00 all other bets 2.70%
Single 0 all bets 2.70%
Single 0 with en prison even money 1.35%


Besides the casino edge, another factor to consider when choosing a game is the speed of the game.  In the European game, with its slower spin rate, you might see 30 spins per hour.

In an American game, you will more likely average 50 or more spins per hour, dependent on the number of players.

In an online casino, playing solo, you can easily average between 200 and 300 spins per hour.  With a winning system, your hourly win rate will be much higher playing online.

There are only a handful of roulette systems we recommend.  Maximum Advantage Roulette is one of the best!

This strategy is a very potent “short term” strategy that uses a “hit and run” approach to build rapid wins.

Reviewing our extensive documentation of games using this strategy shows that the average game in a land-based American casino takes about 30 minutes to complete.

Online play is much quicker and a typical game can be wrapped up in ten minutes or less!

What’s more, you can make some very serious money with this strategy, even if you stick with $5 as your base bet.

In American paced games in land-based casinos our average winnings (and this is net of any losing games) is $147 an hour.

With online play, we are averaging $745 an hour. 

And these results were achieved using $5 as our base bets. If you are willing to move up to $10 or even $25 base bets, your win rate will literally soar.

If you have an interest in learning a fool proof way of beating roulette, that is easy to learn and use and has withstood the test of time, I highly recommend the Maximum Advantage Roulette Strategy.

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